Star Wars 9 title ‘REVEALED in latest leak’ but fans are unconvinced: Is THIS it?

A document that is purportedly the marketing guidelines for the upcoming blockbuster’s logo has been seen on Reddit’s Star Wars Leaks board. It appears to instruct various departments within Disney and Lucasfilm on how they should be presenting the logo – complete with the alleged title – from here on out. But its legitimacy has been met with huge scepticism – so is it the real deal?

The title here is Star Wars: The Only Hope.

It’s a callback, of course, to the very first movie – A New Hope from 1977.

Given that Episode 9 will tie together the entire Skywalker saga, it is somewhat appropriate that it recalls that first landmark film.

But fans aren’t convinced, saying this document does not pass muster.

The post has only been 44% upvoted on Reddit.

“Okay, as a designer, I find those guidelines to be… clunky to say the least,” said one user.

“One would expect the branding guide for such a huge movie like Ep. IX to be better organized and have better final touches.”

Another pointed out: “I’ve seen the design doc for the Shell oil logo, it’s a book that’s about as thick as a standard brick.

“Hundreds of pages on exact hexcode/RGB color, margins, measurements, etc. Surely Disney, Star Wars, has a similar set of guidelines for their logo. I’m calling BS on this one.”

A third echoed: “The enlarged R looks like it was drawn by a five year-old. Fake, fake, fake.”

The Star Wars 9 title was expected back in January but is still unknown.

It is assumed that Star Wars Celebration in April is the latest point at which it will finally be unmasked.

Star Wars 9 is out on December 19, 2019.