Transcript for R. Kelly’s girlfriends defend him publicly

Now to R. Kelly who could be out of jail as soon as today if he can pay that child support. This comes as we hear from two young women whose families say they were brainwashed by the singer. Whit Johnson is in Chicago with the latest. Good morning, whit. Reporter: Michael, good morning to you. This is the latest twist in the R. Kelly saga. His spokesperson telling us they do expect today to be able to pay that $161,000 in owed child support. Meantime, the singer’s two girlfriends are now defending him publicly as he faces multiple charges of sex abuse. This morning, singer R. Kelly spending a second night behind bars for unpaid child support. His girlfriends, 23-year-old Joycelyn savage and 21-year-old azriel clary speaking out both denying they’ve been brainwashed making explosive allegations against their own parents. Both of our parents are basically out here trying to get money and scam because they didn’t agree on what happened, you know, with the music or where we could be and they’re just very upset. Reporter: The two women allege their families are exploiting their relationships with Kelly for money. My dad and my mom, they’re starting to send threats to both me and him and say I’ll put all your naked pictures all over the world and ruin him if he doesn’t send $20,000 to this bank account by Monday, I’m going to put everything out there and then $10,000 after that. Reporter: Both sets of parents deny ever asking for money. The attorney who represents the savage family says in part, at no point was money given to the savage family discussed with the savage family, requested by the savage family or offered to the savage family. Kelly pleaded not guilty to ten counts of sexual misconduct. Detroit police now looking into a separate claim from 2001. Now, that case out of Chicago involves four women, three of them allegedly underage at the time. R. Kelly scheduled to be back in court regarding the child support case on March 13th. George. A lot of questions ahead. Okay, whit, thanks very much.

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