In this review I highlight how Metro: Exodus exceeded my expectations in continuing the series’ legacy of survival horror in a new open-world context. A positive video. There. I did it.
Games Appearing in this Video:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (2009)

Metro: Exodus (2019)
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  1. About the comment on female characters, I don’t think its a big deal what this game did. There are a lot of decent female characters in Video Games in general that I can’t even count them.

  2. 9/10

    Best FPS I’ve played and I think atmosphere wise this game trumps many others it’s neck and neck with rdr2

    Rdr2 feels so alive but I didn’t get the same being gripped into it feeling I did with metro

    More Russian games please

  3. You have one kick ass voice dude. I literally just downloaded Call of Chernobyl yesterday, and I think I'm ready to make the switch to Exodus. Thanks for your review, dope editing btw!

  4. I really liked old mechanic who added "Blya" to the end of his sentences. "Nice to meet you Blya… Damn thing doesn't work Blya ! "
    Remembered me kinda "desu" . I guess "Blya" is a Slavic "desu" .

  5. Agreed 100% And i don't just get those who are whining that Steam shit?! If you can get games cheaper from other platform why is that so bad. It's about the time that there are competition against Valves greed. If game is good does it matter from where you buy it?

  6. Your scripts are some of the most well written i have ever seen on youtube like even if i sometimes strongly disagree with you i can atleast see where you are coming from
    im really happy to see you and gggmanlives giving this game the credit that it deserves unlike many of these dumbass game journalists who rush this game on the easiest difficulty seriously good job

  7. Thanks! What do you think about the Russian voice acting? I need original language, otherwise immersion is broking (nazi’s speaking english with german accent is horrendous)

  8. To me the writing was wonky, the dialogue really awful and the fact that Artyom is such a strong willed character, very much appreciated in the community doesnt's play very well with the "silent protagonist" here. Many people look up to Artyom to do things, which he can and does, but also to comfort them and be a source of inspiration. At one point everyone looks forward to Artyom convincing another character to do something, but as a player you can only sit there and watch as said character and wife ex machina show up and do the convincing themselves

  9. damn, so many comments about the epic store. I mean I get it, the publisher made some weird choices, but you guys are just making sure that the sales of the game aren’t gonna be as successful as they could. And the game is great, definitely the best in the series.
    Instead of whining, just go play it.


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