Weight loss: Woman credits this diet plan after losing five stone in just six months

From getting out of breath easily to heightening her struggle with asthma, weight gain no doubt had an impact on the health of Zoe Hughes. While she had always struggled with the medical condition, piling on the pounds saw it worsen. So much so, that walking up and down stairs began to prove to be a challenge, and she would often have to stop to catch her breath. At her heaviest, the 29-year-old weighed in at 16 stone, and wore a woman’s dress size 18-20.

“I had no confidence or interest in the way I looked,” the mother-of-one said.

“I was a size 18/20 and I could barely walk for 10 minutes without feeling out of breath, never mind do any exercise! I decided that enough was enough.”

Ahead of making a serious life change, Zoe’s eating routine had been far from regulated.

Usually skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch, she would indulge in fast food or takeaways and pre-prepared foods which were racked with calories and fat.

“I would starve myself throughout the day and would make up for it in the evening by binge eating anything and everything that took my fancy including multiple packets of crisps, sweets, cake and big bars of chocolate,” she recalled.

Ready to transform her lifestyle, in March last year, Zoe began the three-stage diet plan, known as the Terri Ann 123 Diet Plan.

It saw her first take part in a 10-day boost, which saw her limit her intake of starchy carbohydrates.

At the same time, she boosted her intake of protein, vegetables and healthy fats.

Then, Zoe reintroduced fruit into her diet and increased her consumption of starchy carbs.

For stage three, the slimmer limited her intake of these starchy carbohydrates.

As well as alternating between the three stages, Zoe went on to up her exercise during her weight loss journey.

Now weighing 11 stone and two pounds, Zoe wears a women’s size 10 and has continued with her new-found healthy lifestyle.

Almost five stone lighter, she now swims, enjoys long walks, and does weight training in order to stay fit and healthy.

Gone are the days of regularly eating unhealthy pre-prepared foods too, with her diet now tending to include yoghurt for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and beef or pork chops with vegetables for her evening meal.

Eggs, low fat jelly, and nuts have replaced the high fat snacks she used to have, too.

Another way some people have lost weight is on the Keto Diet.

This is a low-carb diet plan which is also known as the Ketogenic diet.

For more information about the Terri Ann 123 Diet Plan, go to: https://www.terriann123dietplan.co.uk/.

source: express.co.uk