Steph Curry: Surprising comparison made by Warriors team-mates

That is according to his team-mate Andre Igoudala, who places him at number two on the list.

The man ahead of him, Magic Johnson, who retired in 1991 before a brief comeback in 1996.

Curry set a NBA record recently for scoring 10 or more three-pointers for the fifth time in a single season.

He is averaging 28.4 points per game this year, and has been key for the Golden State Warriors’ push towards a third consecutive NBA title.

Despite his lofty scoring streak, Iguodala believes Curry is still being under appreciated.

He is not considered to be a leading contender for the NBA Most Valuable Player award this season despite his impressive averaging.

“I still think he doesn’t really get the respect he deserves,” Iguodala explained.

“Guys think he uses a lot of screens and guys think they can draw mismatches with him defensively, but he’s a real problem.

“I think I told [Kevin Durant], he said he missed me on the shot he took, and I said, ‘Y’all two are like Michael Jordan, there’s no such thing as a bad shot.’

“That’s for real, and people don’t understand the presence they bring to the court. Especially on the offensive end.

“It is what it is sometimes.

“But when you sit down and have serious conversations, that’s when you — he’s the second-best point guard ever — you argue that,” Iguodala then declared he believes Johnson was the best of all time.

Draymond Green, the pair’s team-mate at the Warriors, admitted that he believed Curry and Johnson were too different to compare.

“Magic was great obviously, but it’s also two completely different types of point guards,” he explained.

“I don’t think Steph is close to being the type of point guard as Magic — at the type of point guard Magic was. And vice versa. Magic’s not close to being as close to the type of point guard as Steph is.

“But in his own right [Steph] probably is the best ever, and especially in the way the game is played today.

“He’s continuing to climb; that’s amazing. Like Andre said, you still don’t see him get the due that he deserves, but it is what it is.”