Endeavour 2019: ‘Did not see that coming!’ Viewers rocked by MAJOR Thursday plot twist

Endeavour Morse (played by Shaun Evans) and Fred Thursday (Roger Allam) faced a tough case during tonight’s final episode of the ITV drama as the sixth season reached a conclusion.

After solving the murder of a librarian, it was then a case of facing their own struggles as Morse and Thursday came face-to-face with DS Alan Jago (Richard Riddell) with whom Thursday had become associated with after being split from Morse at the beginning of the series.

Jago was joined by DI Ronnie Box (Simon Harrison) as the pair uncovered the depth of police corruption and many fans of the show believed Thursday would become Jago’s unwilling victim.

However, in a shock turn of events, it was Jago who was shot dead as DI Box sought redemption and took down the villain.

Taking to Twitter, fans were shook as they didn’t expect DI Box to join forces with Morse and Thursday to save their lives from the corrupt cop.

One viewer posted: “Oh I was quite pleased by that little bit of redemption #Endeavour,” with a second exclaiming: “Redemption for Box #Endeavour.”

A third commented: “Ok…. guys with guns, a showdown… the SEASON FINALE, I have a feeling someone may not make it to season 7. #Endeavour,” with it later revealed Jago would be the victim of his own crimes.

Another opined: “I did not see that coming #Endeavour,” while a fifth exclaimed: “Didn’t expect that. #Endeavour.”

However, Box wasn’t in the clear as Morse needed up shooting the corrupt cop seeking redemption, but at the end of the episode, it was revealed he was still alive.

“#Endeavour who would have thought!!! Morse shoots the wrong man, shooting is not your game,” one fan wrote after the dramatic climax.

Continuing the praise for DI Box finally seeing his senses, another viewer added: “I had a feeling Ronnie would come through. #Endeavour.”

An eight remarked: “Box redeemed himself with his last act. Fair dos,” while a night was in tears: “I’m absolutely sobbing at this but epic #Endeavour.”

Fans praised the finale as the best episode of the Endeavour saga, which is the prequel story to original hit ITV drama Inspector Morse.

“#Endeavour the most intense ending ever i’m on the edge of my seat,” one viewer commented, with another exclaiming: “This has been the best series of the best detective programme ever perfect acting perfect casting perfect plotting #Endeavour.”

It was revealed at the end of the episode the series will return next year for a seventh instalment of the 1960’s set drama.

Endeavour star Shaun Evans, 38, recently spoke out about the future of the show, stating if there was more story to tell, there would be more series.

Speaking to Radio Times, Evans said: “If we felt that we’d seen it all, then we all have to be brave and say, we’ve done that now.”

The actor also explained how the show wouldn’t continue to the point where the portrayal of the late John Thaw’s saga began.

As well as starring in the leading role, Evans also turned him hand to directing this series, taking control of episode two of the four part sixth season.

Evans admitted directing an episode of a show he is a huge role of hasn’t put him off picking up the venture in the future.

Endeavour is now available on ITVHub.

source: express.co.uk