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You know her as Hailey Dunn if I from “Modern family” in its tenth season. Please welcome Sarah Hyland. ??? Star light star bright ??? Hey. How are you? I’m good. Have a seat. ??? Lucky star ??? Everything is so excited to see you. You have so much energy for this morning. They came in all caffeinated. They’re ready to go. You’ve been so outspoken about your health and some of the health battles you’ve had. How are you doing right now? I’m good. You know, I mean, it’s daily — you have to actively stay positive throughout things. I mean, you know, it can take a toll on your mental health and body but as long as you surround yourself with the right people and stay positive, you just — yeah, but I’m good. You had two kidney transplants. Yeah. You’ve had 16 surgeries total then he’s a lot for anybody but you’re only 28 years old. So what kept you going through some of these points? I know it was difficult for you. Most of the surgeries I had were before I was 4, so that’s — at least that’s kind of like a distant memory but surround myself with my friends, this like sisterhood I have with these girls is just amazing and also dogs are the great e69 thing ever to happen. I agree. In the entire world. Dogs are amazing. They’re everyone’s best friend and they really get me through a lot. I’m curious. Being on a show that is a comedy that’s a lot of laughter and a family environment, does that help as well. Oh, for sure. It’s one of those things to where it’s like if you — not in denial of what’s going on in your medical life, but if you just kind of distract yourself with things, you know, you — you have to compartmental lyze everything and being at work is just so amazing to me because it’s what I love, I’ve been doing it for, oh, my gosh, 24 years now and — Wow. Yeah, that’s weird to say and so it’s just — the cast is amazing. The crew is amazing. We’re in our tenth season now and most of our crew members have been with us since day one, so I’ve really grown up with these people. I have seen people get married, have kids. Like all of that and they always can tell if I’m not feeling well. Like our props guy or something like that will be like, I’m here if you need anything. I can tell and I know you don’t like to complain but if you need anything just let me know and they’ve been really amazing to me. I mean the show is called “Modern family” but it really is a family behind the scenes which I love. And you mentioned it’s the tenth season of the show. We’ve grown up watching you and watched you grow up on air. Tenth and final season which breaks a lot of our hearts. We don’t want it to end and your character, Haley, your character is pregnant with twins. Yeah. How is it to walk around with that fake baby bump? It’s a lot. It’s like a ten-pound leotard basically. And so in my head I’m like, oh, I don’t need to work out anymore because I’m carrying ten pounds on me at all times at work so then I’m doing that but when I look down, subconsciously I’m pregnant for real and would go to have six doughnuts in one setting and it’s fine, I’m eating for three but at the end of the day I have to take off the ten-pound leotard and then I’m like I really should not have done that. That’s not okay. I’ve subconsciously become a meth add actress as a pregnant lady and it’s a lot of fun for my taste buds. Not going to lie. We have a clip of you doing your method acting. Let’s check it out. Hello! Oh, hey, Gloria. Thanks for coming. Going to be such a fun girls night. Drinking wine, planning the nursery. I was going to surprise you but I want wait anymore. It’s a hand made mobile of great women in history. Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa parks. Oh. I just hope it goes with the theme that Dylan wants for the room. Are any of these women important in the field of fire trucks or Fire trucks and unicorns. Next season is the final season, not this season. Of all the characters on the show which is yours most likely to be a parent like? I want to say and I feel like everyone’s opinion would probably be she would be more like Gloria being fashionable and cool but I mean think about Claire Dunphy as a young girl. We’ve talked about this a lot on the show. She was a little bit of a rebel and not like Haley so I think it will be great for the story line if Haley kind of turns into her mom because who doesn’t turn into their mother? If you want to or not. If you want to or not you turn into your mom and get all the best qualities and sometimes you say something and you’re like, I’m my mother, what is I think that would be amazing to see Haley turn into Claire. You’ve had amazing guest stars on. You had martin short. You had Nathan lane. Uh-huh. Is there any particular person you wish you had? What is your wish list guest? I will probably have to say Carol Burnett. Wow! I think — yeah. Good one. She’s just as timeless classic — I mean, she’s just one of the mothers of comedy so I think it would be great if she was like Dylan’s grandma or something because, you know, I’m a writer an producer in my family because I make all the digs. You thought this out. You already have written her in. Yeah. In my head. But I’m — we’re so glad you’re here and feeling well and we’re always here and rooting for you and praying for you. Thank you, guy. “Modern family” airs Wednesday nights at 9:00, 8:00 central on ABC.

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