– Complete list of the highest-rated PlayStation 4 games ever released.

Our updated ranking of the best #PS4 games available right now on the console. These are the top-rated #PlayStation 4 releases based on the #playscore, an average of critic reviews and gamer ratings.

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  1. My personal top 10 until now:

    1 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    2 – Bloodborne
    3 – God Of War
    4 – Spider-Man
    5 – Persona 5
    6 – Nier Automata
    7 – Horizon Zero Dawn
    8 – Resident Evil 2
    9 – Shadow Of The Colossus
    10 – Monster Hunter World

  2. There's no a single Ubisoft game in the list?!! Assassin's creed origins is one of the best games of all times, i understand now why the gaming scene is dead after the Golden Age of Gaming, and this fu**king new generation destroyed everything.

  3. i agree with most of this list except horizon zero dawn shouldnt have been 25!! and red dead redemption is a great game but it wouldnt be in the top 5 for me. other than that, great list. well done.

  4. Lol… don't have Horizon Zero Dawn in top 25 games? Hahahahahah!!! WTF man???? It should be top 3. I liked it better than GoW. Also, The Last of Us is also top 3, higher than GoW too. Thumbs down from me, fail list.


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