The 44-year-old singer was seen meeting her co-stars Amber Davies, 22, Brian Conley, 57, and Bonnie Langford, 54, ahead of the first rehearsal for 9 to 5: The Musical in last night’s episode. Later, in hair and make-up, Louise Redknapp and Amber had some bonding time. Revealing her apprehension, the Love Island winner said: “I’m nervous for rehearsals. I’ve been so excited, so excited, so excited, but then as the day’s approaching, I dunno… I’m a bit nervous.”

Smiling, Louise agreed: “You know what it is? It’s the expectation.

“You worry you’re not going to be as good as you’re meant to be,” she added.

The popstar later provided Amber with some words of encouragement when the reality star said she was worried she would be “a little bit like Marmite” for audiences.

“No, you’re going to be — I don’t want to hear any of that negativity,” Louise insisted.

“Dolly Parton would not give you this job if she didn’t think you were good.”

Seeming to spark a friendship from the beginning, viewers saw the pair planning to get together and rehearse.

“Shall we do script nights and wine nights?” Amber asked the former Eternal star.

“Yeah but if we do wine nights we won’t remember anything!” Louise joked.

Louise previously has to postpone her starring role in 9 to 5: The Musical after suffering a fall.

She fractured her wrist and needed 10 stitches in her chin for a laceration.

In her place, actress Caroline Sheen, 43, had to step in to play the part of Violet Newstead.

Louise is expected to rejoin the cast late next month when she is fully recovered.

At the time of her fall, the star told fans: “It breaks my heart to say I’m having to take some time out and won’t be able to continue with my role in 9 to 5.

“Following my doctor’s orders — they have said I will be OK but as they say in the theatre, ‘The show must go on.’

“I wish the rest of the fabulous cast an amazing opening night and I will be back on that stage for 9 to 5 before you know it.”

On last night’s Amber and Dolly: 9 to 5, Amber recalled the moment she found out Louise had to pull out, saying: “I was devastated.

“We only had I think it was two weeks or something before our opening night. It was manic,” she continued.

“Accidents happen, she’s on the mend. I think she might have fully recovered now and I can’t wait to have her back.”



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