Apex Legends UPDATE: Season 1 Battle Pass release date coming soon to PS4, Xbox One

Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass release date is coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One.

Apex Legends has only been out for less than a month but it’s fast become one of the hottest games around.

In the space of a week Apex Legends hit the huge marker of 25million players and it’s one of the most streamed games on Twitch right now.

And the huge Apex Legends fan base has a major update to look forward to that could be just around the corner.

Not long after Apex Legends first launched EA and Respawn revealed a year one roadmap for the Battle Royale shooter.

And the season 1 Battle Pass for Apex Legends is set to launch in March 2019.

It’s possible the Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass could launch in early March.

Apex Legends was released at the start of February so the Battle Pass could be scheduled to launch exactly a month after the game’s initial release.

If that’s the case then the Apex Legends season 1 Battle Pass could possibly launch next week.

Each new Battle Pass for Apex Legends brings with it a host of new content.

Each Battle Pass will include new Legends, new weapons and new loot for Apex Legends.

It remains to be seen if seasonal events are also launched like with other Battle Royale games.

Following the first Battle Pass launch, season 2 of Apex Legends will be out in June, with the season 3 Battle Pass getting released in September.

The end of the year will be capped off with the release of the season 4 Apex Legends Battle Pass – out in December.

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source: express.co.uk