Weight loss: Woman loses four stone after making two simple changes – diet plan revealed

Diet plans can prove helpful for some, when it comes to keeping them on track with their weight loss goals. Previously a healthy size 10, Rosie Alty found weight crept on during her two pregnancies, and after having welcomed her two children into the world. Expecting to fit into a size 14 dress during a shopping trip one day, the 31-year-old, from Merseyside, realised she now wore a woman’s dress size 16-18. “I just couldn’t believe I’d got stuck in a dress that would have once hung off me,” she said.

Following the outing, Rosie took to the scales, only to be shocked to see she had gained more than four stone – now weighing 14 stone.

And, according to her high BMI, the mother-of-two was now technically overweight.

Reflecting on her weight gain, Rosie paid some thought to her typical daily diet.

Takeaways, junk food, and sugary treats such as sweets and chocolate had been playing a huge part in her day-to-day lifestyle.

“A typical day would start with coffee, sugary cereal and biscuits then chocolate around mid-morning,” she said.

“Lunch would be anything high-carb and I always had a pudding, followed by more sweets and chocolates.

“Dinner would usually be a takeaway or junk food, all washed down with fizzy drinks. Looking back, I don’t know how I was so unaware that I was gaining weight!”

Deciding to get back to a healthier figure, Rosie gave a diet plan her friend had introduced her to a go.

The diet, the Terri Ann 123 Diet Plan, is made up of three stages, and slimmers alternate between them.

In the first 10 days of the diet, slimmers limit their intake of starchy carbohydrates and eat more protein, vegetables, and healthy fats – in a bid to kick start weight loss.

The next stage sees fruit being reintroduced, and a boost of starchy carbohydrates.

The third and final stage of the diet plan sees the limit of starchy carbs being enforced again, however users are still able to enjoy fruit.

“I’ve never followed a diet plan before so I was worried about it, but for me planning and meal prep was key,” she said.

“Apart from a headache on the second day from reducing my sugar intake, I found it a total breeze.”

As part of her weight loss efforts, Rosie ditched the snacks – exchanging them for nuts, fruit, carrot sticks, sugar free jelly, and fruit teas.

She transformed her meal times too, typically eating Weetabix protein, flaxseed porridge, poached eggs, or fat free yogurts for breakfast.

Meanwhile, her lunch and dinner tend to include meat or fish with sweet potato, salads or stir frys.

But that’s not all, as Rosie also upped her exercise too.

Having lived a relatively inactive lifestyle in the past, she now does two HIIT training sessions each week, as well as swimming with her children and staying as active as possible.

Her efforts appear to have paired off, with Rosie now weighing a healthy 9 stone and 12 pounds, and wearing a size 10 once again.

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For more information about the Terri-Ann’s Diet Plans, go to: www.terriannsdietplans.co.uk.

source: express.co.uk

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