Venezuelan opposition lawmaker 'POISONED' at Colombian border – 'It's a GRAVE situation'

According to BNO news, Freddy Superlano was poisoned at a restaurant in Cucuta, a city near the country’s border with Venezuela. His party, which is led by Juan Guaido, has confirmed that Mr Superlano’s cousin and assistant Carlos Salinas has died as a result of the same poisoning incident. Reports state Mr Superlano and Mr Salinas were spiked with a substance known as hyoscine or scopolamine.

The drug is said to be used to treat motion sickness and other conditions.

However, it has also reportedly been used in robberies and sexual assaults which has led to it gaining the nickname ‘Devil’s Breath’.

US Senator Marco Rubio condemned the attack calling it a “grave situation”.

In a statement, the party said: “We wait for the results of the investigation by the Colombian authorities to establish the facts.”

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BNO News added that it was not known who carried out the poisoning.

The attack comes hours after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expelled employees at the Colombian embassy in the country’s capital Caracas.

Maduro is currently embroiled in a leadership dispute with self-proclaimed interim president Mr Guaido and confirmed the break in relations with Colombia.

Earlier today, clashes between the two warring fractions escalated to violent heights as bullets were fired and tear gas let off at the Colombian border.

Opponents were trying to get vital aid into the country, which had been donated by the US.

However, supporters of Maduro, who claims the country does not need aid or support, struck Mr Guadio’s supporters in numerous attacks.

The clashes occurred as Venezuelan opposition leader Mr Guaido – who has been recognised as Venezuela’s interim leader by Colombia, the US and UK among other countries – gave a personal send off to an aid caravan from the Colombian city of Cucuta.

Mr Guaido briefly boarded one of a dozen trucks carrying US-backed humanitarian aid before they set off towards the border, where they were pushed back by Venezuelan security forces.