Apex Legends DOWN: Server status latest as loading screen issues hit PS4, Xbox One game

APEX LEGENDS DOWN – UPDATE ONE: Apex Legends fans hit by loading screen issues have been given an update by EA.

The official EA Help Twitter account has revealed they are working on a server fix for the Apex Legends loading screen issues that have hit gamers today.

The EA Help Twitter account posted: “Having trouble connecting to #ApexLegends on PC? We’re working on it and will update here when it’s resolved.”

Apex Legends fans have reported being stuck on the loading screen forever today, which is a repeat of a similar problem that occured a few weeks ago also.

ORIGINAL: Apex Legends down reports are coming in right now with fans reporting server and loading screen issues with the hit PS4 and Xbox One game.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector has received a rise in Apex Legends down reports today.

Out of those affected the bulk of Apex Legends players have been hit with server connection issues while others have experienced login problems.

While plenty of Apex Legends fans have been taking to Twitter to report a loading screen issues with the hot new Battle Royale game.

One fan tweeted: “Is @PlayApex down? I am stuck in a loading loop when launching the game.”

And one added: “I’m stuck in loading screen any fix?”

While another posted: “@EAHelp First the log in servers broke on @PlayApex Now the ready function just straight up isn’t working”.

Both Downdetector.co.uk and Downdetector.com have received a surge of Apex Legends down reports, with hundreds of players reporting issues.

According to the Downdetector outage map, the Apex Legends issue are affecting players in the UK, Europe, parts of the US.

Players also in Australia and Malaysia have also reported Apex Legends as being down.  

The latest Apex Legends server issues come after the release of a brand new patch earlier this week and a new weapon.

The official EA Help Twitter account is yet to comment – at the time of writing – on the Apex Legends loading forever issues.

But in a post online they previously spoke about the Apex Legends loading screen issue when a similar problem hit two weeks ago.

One Apex Legends fan contacted EA to say: “I have tried everything including re downloading the game.

“No matter what the game just sits on the spinner loading screen forever.”

source: express.co.uk