Best Selling Mobile Brands: Top 10 Mobile Companies In India 2019 | Review & Ranking

In this Video find the list of top 10 mobile companies in India. We created this list of best mobile companies based on the market shares.
We picked the companies or brands which are leading in the Indian Mobile Market. Here you will find the 4 Chinese mobile companies which are currently ranked in the list of top 5 mobile companies in india. However Korean Company Samsung has pushed to no. 2 spot in this race.
On the other hand, Apple Inc. which is considered to be world’s top company has increased the market share in India with its flagship models like iPhone X and iPhone 8 and has been ranked 9th in the year 2018-19.

Find below the list of best selling smartphone brands in India for the year 2019

1. Xiaomi –

2. Samsung Mobile –

3. Vivo –

4. Oppo –

5. Honor (Huawei) –

6. Nokia –

7. Lenovo –

8. Oneplus –

9. Apple –

10. Asus –

Result are based the review and rating received from various source.

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