Star Wars 9 leak reveals 'big secret about Rey's FATHER' after Last Jedi fan backlash?

The Last Jedi attracted an extraordinary backlash from a core part of the fan base. One of the major points of contention was the supposed “reveal” about Rey’s parentage. After somewhat trolling the audience with several fake build-ups (like that frustrating cave scene with the mirrors), Kylo Ren finally dismissed her parents as drunk low-life nobodies. This displeased many fans for two reasons. Firstly, the desire for the central hero to have some sort of destiny, usually related to the past. Secondly, the desire for Rey to somehow fit into what is supposed to be the Skywalker saga.

Star Wars fans have mixed feelings over frustration and appreciation of Rey’s inexplicable powers, leading to her being dubbed an unnaturally perfect “Mary Sue.” Everyone, though, wants to know whether she is a Skywalker or not.

Numerous reports have claimed that JJ Abrams will “course correct” the storyline in Episode IX. If so, the latest leaks indicate a major revelation about Rey’s father. As always, take everything with a giant pinch of salt.

The leak reported: “A big secret involving Rey’s father. “Specifically Rey sitting inside the Millennium Falcon with Poe Dameron and Finn. It’s described that Rey is initiating a conversation about her father when all three characters are discussing their past. It’s described that Rey’s father always left behind Jedi lore and told legend stories of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.


This is reminiscent of the Poe Dameron comics which how the three characters sitting around talking about their pasts.

“Additionally Rey expresses that she wondered as a child whether her father adopted her… That Rey is confused about the great power that she holds.”

This could get even more complicated, with Rey’s real parents giving her to someone to raise as a baby, even before she was abandoned on Jakku. This is clearly an echo of Luke and Leia, which would please hardcore fans. It would also account for Kylo being mistaken.

The leak adds: “Another (report) goes over Rey reaching into her satchel of what her father gave her on Jakku. It is described to have been taken from Jakku and is a holographic route into the Unknown Regions.”

Jakku is a gateway to the unexplored parts of space. It is also a secret base for Sith powers tapped into by the Emperor and then used for his future plans to contact who or whatever lay beyond known space.  

An illustrated Force Awakens book also showed images of relics Rey had collected, presumably when she was scavenging. 

Everything is starting to point to Episode IX starting to explore what lies beyond, with reports of a hidden First Order planet and the origins of that great and dark power the Emperor sensed in the Aftermath novels.