Tom Vasel takes a look at a co-op dungeon crawl called Direwild.


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  1. This is a great solo deck building games. I am a big solo gamer, and for me this one fills the deck building spot. I think it can get a bit slow when playing with others, but if you like trying out games solo… highly recommended! (Also my FLGS sold both versions… with or without minis … so don't think minis were Kickstarter exclusive.)

  2. I really enjoy this game. The animals and fusing are definitely the strong suit of Direwild. As for the event A.I. movements being bland, I can agree with that. I do think that using the Advanced Enemy A.I. cards helps with that a bit. And I find the communication and planning between the players to be fun. Even if there's someone that's just acquiring animals for their looks rather than synergy then other players can try working on complimenting that deck rather than letting it be a hindrance.

    As for negatives of the game, if you save the game then make sure your group will be getting together soon. Otherwise the game is unable to be played with others due to important cards having been taken out of their decks and stored in the save box. And yes, the planning phases can be slow while you wait for other players to play their cards and decide on buying things, but I think it's that way dueto certain cards being able to affect other players based on what step they're on. Even so, the game could benefit from having a few steps be streamlined. Or maybe even making a house rule of giving experienced players a time limit for their turns. It also sucks that the miniatures aren't in the normal retail version. They're a great addition to the game.

    Overall, I love this game and have had a lot of fun with it so far. And I really hope that the developers learn from this game and continue to make expansions and other great games.


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