Good news Reviews Roulette fans (fan?) – we’re back with another episode of the show where we download mystery Steam keys in the hope of finding a PC hidden gem. Our Steam game reviews get ten minutes to impress us, but they be a delight or a disaster? Find out as Rock Paper Shotgun plays Reviews Roulette.

Random steam key opening is a YouTube thing – people buy clumps of Steam codes and open them, hoping to find the latest AAA nonsense. All the codes on Reviews Roulette are sent to us by indie developers, so hopefully take us to more unusual places. This weeks random Steam codes, for example, include a trip to a hospital for planes and a bird that mutates into a monkey and gives everyone nightmares.

If you’re looking for a full Art Sqool review you can check out the Rock Paper Shotgun review at And we have a proper Plane Mechanic Simulator review here: Reviews Roulette reviews are not proper breakdown – but if you want Art Sqool gameplay, or Plane Mechanic Simulator gameplay, we’ve got you covered.

In episode four of Reviews Roulette our mystery Steam key reviews take us a art school where Matthew fails to impressive a sentient orb with a picture of a pencil sharpener; Alice has to ensure a terrible dad joke in Plane Mechanic Simulator and we discover a magic bird that takes on the shape of whatever animal it gets near. That last one is profoundly disturbing. We also give lip surgery to a cartoon lady in another dreadful browser game. Will any of these get our Danny ‘Daddy’ Wallace ‘It’s The Daddy’ award? Find out soon.

Short version: if you want reviews of random Steam games (with the odd Itch and Browser game thrown in to mix things up), this is the show for you. Thanks to all the developers who sent in codes – if you have a game you’d like to see in Reviews Roulette, why not send them to [email protected] Below is a full list of what we reviewed and where you can get them…

Art Sqool:

Dotted Girls Lip Injections:

Networking Event Simulator:


Plane Mechanic Simulator:

If you’d like more information of any of the games, pop your questions in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them. We should point out these aren’t full reviews of the games – just in indicator of whether they properly grabbed our attention in our limited time. Hopefully this Reviews Roulette gave you a good idea of what to expect. If you enjoy this video, please do give it a like – it makes all the difference!

If you enjoy our videos on Rock Paper Shotgun why not subscribe to the channel for more. We have lot of funny gaming moments (well, we think they’re funny gaming moments) for you to enjoy. We cover everything from the biggest blockbusters to, well monkey bird monsters. If it’s on PC, it has a place on Rock Paper Shotgun. We hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. As a former ONM reader, I am consistently shocked at quite how many f-bombs Matthew drops. Is that the kind of filth they teach you at Oxford?!?

    (I'll forgive you though, given that Reviews Roulette is fab)

  2. So happy to see this back. The lack of an episode for the last week or so made me realise how much I need this in my life. I was worried you'd abandoned us after only three epsiodes of one of the greatest achievements of video games journalism, but now I see that it was just to take the extra time needed to deliver this episode's crowning glory – the NO joke bit.

    But please, don't leave us without Reviews Roulette again another week. I don't think I could survive the hearbreak a second time. 🙂

  3. I love these vids and I'm gonna watch every one you put out! I just am not a huge fan of the type of banter where one host keeps repeating "no" and "please stop it" and the other keeps ignoring it. I feel like there was a lot of that in this vid and the last one.


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