If you are looking for good exercise or fitness software, then you should definitely read this review on Weightmania Pro 1.8.5. This software allows you to track just about every aspect of your workout. You can track your pace, distance, water intake and even heart rate.

The updated version of the software also records your workouts and your meal plans. You can even upload your photographs, calculate your body fat, check the amount calories you are burning and much more.

Pros of the Weightmania:

o You can check all aspects of your cardio or strength training workouts, meals and medical information

o You can record your workouts and meal plans faster with the updated version of the software

o There are detailed graphs and charts to keep a track of your progress so that you can avoid overtraining

o You can measure your body fat and body mass index using the fitness calculator

o The food database includes a wide variety of foods along with the food weight and portion

o You can expand the already existing databases of foods and exercises

The software costs $49.99 for the five-user version and it works well with Windows as well as Mac. In addition, there is a mobile version of the software that works efficient with Palm phones.

If you are looking for disadvantages, then there are none. You will not be limited by the software as it allows you add to the databases. You can record multiple workouts and keep track of your fitness program in detail. It definitely offers a fantastic user experience that is worth the money spent on the software.


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