Piers Morgan: ‘Who in their right mind?’ Susanna Reid takes major swipe at co-star

Piers Morgan, 53, topped Heat magazine’s annual poll on secret crushes, published to coincide with Valentine’s Day. The controversial host beat off competition from the likes of EastEnders actor Jake Wood, TV presenter Declan Donnelly and Jeremy Clarkson. Piers’ co-star Susanna Reid, 48, said she isn’t surprised he’s scooped the award for “secret crush” insisting nobody would want to admit they fancy him publicly. She said: “I’m not in the least bit surprised he’s won the Secret Crush Award.

“Who in their right mind would want to publicly declare they have a crush on Piers??”

Piers’ wife Celia Walden also quipped: “People are weird aren’t they? I only married him for the handbags.”

Piers also spoke of his victory, commenting: “I think Heat magazine readers are just a more discerning kind of magazine reader, they have a very high bar for their aesthetic likes and this has proven it.”

He also commented on some of the people who had lost to him, such as Lord Sugar.

He said: “My particular thoughts at this difficult moment are with Lord Sugar who was one of the other people on the longlist.

“To be fair to him he’s had a very massive crush on his face for quite some time from a 2-ton anvil that landed on it 50 years ago, rendering it such an abomination.”

He added: “I feel for Kanye West, poor old Kim Kardashian’s woken up to the fact that more people fancy me than her husband, that’s not a good morning for her.”

Piers also took to his Instagram page to share a snap of him in high spirits with his award, alongside Susanna who pulled a puzzled face to the camera.

In view of his 444,000 followers, he wrote: “BREAKING NEWS: I have been voted @heatworld’s Secret Crush 2019.

“Apparently by ‘a landslide’ & beating @schofe @lord_sugar @antanddec @jeremyclarkson1.

“My confidence in the British electorate has finally been restored. Thank you.”

Many of his fans flocked to his page to comment.

One user wrote: “There’s no secret about my crush on you… I’d shout it from the rooftops!!”

A second added: “Love Piers Morgan , my no 1 guilty pleasure.”

But one user wasn’t impressed with the result, commenting: “I demand a re-count.”

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source: express.co.uk