Maisie Williams, 21, has been a part of Game of Thrones since it first launched on TV screens back in 2011.

The star will soon be bidding farewell to her character, Arya Stark, when the eighth and final season airs in April.

Speaking about how life will be following the show, Maisie admitted the “worst thing” will be when people forget about her being on the cultural phenomenon.

The British actress told The Courier: “I will miss people being like, ‘Are you Arya Stark?’ because she’s such a cool character and people really freak out about it and that’s so exciting.

“The worst thing will be people going, ‘Did you used to be on that show?’” she laughed. “Because that’s gonna suck.”

Maisie continued: “That will suck so bad. Because when I started you know like Breaking Bad was the big thing and if you saw Bryan Cranston now you’d be like ‘oh you used to do that show?’ and he went from being like ‘the man’ to, ‘yeah’.”

She added: “So that’s gonna suck. But I’m most excited to do new things.”

Maisie also admitted she’s ready to move onto “something new” and is “inspired” to try others things.

The petite star has already done just that as she’s been focusing on a new project and has released a brand new mobile app called Daisie.

The platform will offer artists a network where they can like, share, and collaborate on projects.

Elsewhere, Maisie recently spoke at Newcastle University to share more details about her new app and her time on Game of Thrones.

Fans were given the chance to ask the actress questions, with one wondering whether fans will be happy by the ending.

Maisie responded: “No one’s going to be satisfied because no one wants the show to end so no one’s going to be happy whatever the ending.”

The Game of Thrones favourite went on to reflect on any future roles she might consider signing up for.

But the star is unsure and replied: “I think as it’s sort of gone on, people keep asking me what I’m going to do next and everyone thinks it’s going to be amazing.”

Following on from finishing filming Game of Thrones, Maisie recently unveiled a new tattoo.

Taking to her Instagram, the beauty lifted up her top to show off her new inking on her ribcage

Maisie revealed she had a Japanese inscription tattooed on her side, just underneath her black bra.

She wrote on the image: “Ikigai,” which is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”.

The phrase is believed to be about finding your purpose in life or the reason why you would get out of bed in the morning.

Game of Thrones season 8 premieres on HBO on Sunday, April 14.



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