Ape Out is the most violent game we’ve played in 2019. It sees an ape out the cage, smashing puny humans into piles of giblets, all to a jazz soundtrack. Wait, did I dream this game up? No, I’ve rewatched our Ape Out PC gameplay and it’s definitely real. Please enjoy this bloody rampage of revenge. Bring a mop.

This isn’t our Ape Out review – the Ape Out release date is 28 February – but we have had a little preview build to mess around in. We splat soldiers against a wall, throw a man’s knees at another man’s face and toss around the grenade soldiers very, very carefully – don’t want a big fireball right up in our gorilla’s grill. Grilla? Elsewhere in this Ape Out preview you’ll see how the levels escalate, with new ideas like metal doors held as shield and alarms changing the colour scheme of the level. Oh, and listen out for Ape Out music – the OST is a reactive masterpiece that slots in crashes and bangs to fit the music with every messy kill. Yum!

If you enjoy our Ape Out gameplay in this, our Let’s Play Ape Out video, why not check out some of our other videos on the channel. Alice and Matthew tackle the demented co-op antics of Pikuniku in this one: https://youtu.be/CRc2PKpH2c8 while Matthew goes it alone to try and balance family life with evil crimes in the delightful Family Man. Watch his beta playthrough here: https://youtu.be/Vj2Wj8zamtE. If you have any questions about Ape Out PC (or Ape Out Switch, if that’s your bag), pop them in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Now we’re going to spend the rest of the afternoon cracking skulls against walls and listening to that absurdly groovy Ape Out OST. Thanks for watching our Let’s Play Ape Out, please do subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun if you enjoy the videos we’re doing.

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  1. love the artstyle but I have serious questions about the gameplay, stemming from the same art style. Room layouts are hard to read, you have no idea where you're going and the camera is too close to strategize. Note that Hotline Miami's camera is about twice as far out, that it's easy to tell where you're going, and you can see enemies around you so you make a plan more than "run-up-and-hit-them."

    Fun looking arcade game, but will not reach the heights of the greats. What happens when clones are made by people who didn't understand what made the original great. "Hotline Miami is good because overhead camera, violence, and cool music, right? Cool, let's make Ape Out."

    Fun fact: Apes aren't monkeys.

    Good polish around 9:50; or is that subliminal advertising?


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