Chris Evans let slip he and partner Natasha Shishmanian, 38, no longer sleep in the same room, since twins, Boo and Walt, were born. The couple, who welcomed the baby boy and girl into the world in September 2018, also have their own bathrooms. Explaining their strange living arrangement on the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, the 52-year-old radio DJ said it was due to his spouse caring for their two youngest children. “I have a separate bathroom to my wife on a separate floor now because she’s with the twins upstairs and I’m downstairs,” he shared.

“That will all change soon, but right now that’s where we are and so I have my own toothpaste, she has her own toothpaste.”

Divulging into a topic about household items, the presenter continued: “Of course she buys all the toothpaste in our house because she does all that.

“I’m not allowed to do anything like that at all.”

Continuing his story, he added: “So I went upstairs and said, ‘May I please have a new tube of toothpaste.”

“‘What have you done with your other one?’[she said] I’m 52, I pay the mortgage, ’What have you done with your other one’.”

The father-of-four finished: “’I haven’t done anything with it’. She said, ‘You’re always losing your toothpaste’.

“I said, ‘Hang on how can I loose toothpaste?’”

This is not the first time the former BBC Radio 2 host has publicly spoken about his relationship on air, having previously revealed his spouse “almost came to blows” with his co-star.

His colleague Vassos Alexander recently went up against his wife in a game of Who Put The F in Facts.

The radio presenter, spilled: “There was a huge controversy over it last week because my wife put a fact in there.

“Vassos went up against my wife and in the end it almost came to blows.” His co-star agreed: “We nearly fell out.”

To which Natasha, interjected: “We did. But we made up in the end.”

It appeared there were no hard feelings between the pair as they laughed off the minor disagreement.

Chris and Natasha, a former professional golfer and writer, married in 2007 after they met at a celebrity tournament in Newport two years earlier.

They share four children together, including nine-year-old Noah and six-year-old Eli.

Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.



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