Carol Kirkwood has admitted she fears oversleeping on work days and has two alarm clocks to ensure she does not lie in. “I have a terror of oversleeping on working days, which is why I have two alarm clocks,” she divulged. “But I’ve never overslept, never been late,” the 56-year-old BBC Breakfast favourite added.On the weekends, however, the radio reporter makes sure she is well rested and can stay in bed for hours.

“I do spend the weekends trying to catch up on sleep, probably because I only get four or five hours a night in the week,” she told the Times.

“I have been known to sleep up to 11 hours on weekends.”

Carol rarely goes out during the week unless it is to have lunch with friends and is tucked up in bed before midnight.

She said: “I don’t have much of a social life during the week, perhaps because I’m in bed by nine most nights.”

Though her work on the show can be tiring, the weather presenter insists she enjoys her job and wants to do it for years to come.

“It is knackering work,” she explained. “But you know what? I love it. I want to be presenting the weather when I’m 60 and beyond.”

Carol, who first joined BBC Breakfast in 1998, celebrated 20 years on the show back in April with a clip, revealing her greatest moments over the years.

The beloved TV star was remembered for her efforts on the series, with host Dan Walker telling viewers Carol presented the weather on the show “more than 17,000 times.”

After they showed a clip of Carol’s best moments so far in her career, including her driving a ceramic bathtub car, and co-presenting with an assortment of puppets.

Speaking on the show, Carol quipped: “It doesn’t feel like it’s been 20 years, it feels more like 20 minutes.”

Also, the footage was shared on Twitter, where fans of the TV veteran rushed to comment on her best bits.

In one clip, Carol could be seen struggling to present the weather live as she stood in a heavy fall of snow.

At one point, the blonde stunner closed her eyes as the vicious weather pummelled her, but like a true professional, she continued to present.

In another snippet, Carol was quizzed on the hardest thing about her job as she showed off her hula hooping skills.

When asked the question, she replied: “Getting up at quarter to three!”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.



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