The 31-year-old Strictly Come Dancing champion recently revealed she would like to have children in the future and, during her appearance on The One Show earlier tonight, she could be seen weighing her opinion on an engagement ring which has gone viral. Stacey Dooley got stuck in to a debate about Poundland’s new £1 rings as BBC presenter Alex Jones, 41, handed over the red heart-shaped box containing one. “I think that’s lovely,” host Matt Baker, 41, insisted. “I don’t think money should ever get in the way of a nice, generous, lovely gift.”

Sounding slightly more skeptical, Alex chipped in: “If you found out 10 years later it was a pound, I’d be annoyed.”

“For me, it’s a celebration of the fact you’ve made this commitment to each other,” Matt added, while Stacey took the ring out of the box to get a closer look.

Appearing relatively impressed with it, she announced: “I sort of don’t mind that at all, actually.”

When it was revealed many of the people who The One Show stopped in the street to ask about their views on the much-discussed new £1 engagement rings had quite liked them before they knew the price, Stacey commented that they looked more expensive than they were.

Her interest in the engagement ring comes after the Strictly star told The Times Magazine about her plans for a family.

On the subject of watching One Born Every Minute, she said: “I close my legs and think, I’m never going to do that.”

However, she later added: “In the future, [having children] is something I would like, but work is so brilliant at the minute, it won’t be too soon.”

Stacey has been dating personal trainer Sam Tucknott for seven years and she also went on to open up about their relationship.

Following rumours Sam was “jealous” of her Strictly pro partner Kevin Clifton, 36, the documentary filmmaker told the publication: “The truth is Kevin and I are brilliant friends and he’ll be my pal for life. And Sam was probably the most supportive he has ever been.”

She recalled meeting Sam when he was working as her personal trainer, quipping: “Cheesy, innit?

“We kind of hung out for a while and were pally,”(sic) she continued.

“I remember seeing him and thinking, oh my god, he’s so handsome. But I never thought he was for me. Never thought of him like that.”

Stacey’s comments came after The Sun reported her relationship was “under strain”.

A source claimed she and Sam were struggling to spend time together due to her hectic schedule with the Strictly Come Dancing live tour.

“She has already blamed the six months she spent on Strictly for putting a massive strain on her love life but now being away from home has made things even more difficult,” they told the publication.

“She and Sam used to train together most days, but now she is always dancing. He’s not sure how much more distance their relationship can stand.”

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.



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