MasterChef 2019: Gregg Wallace and John Torode reveal why they would QUIT BBC series

Gregg, 54, offers his knowledge as a green grocer, a baker and a restaurateur to judge the Masterchef contestants, whereas John, 53, brings his experience as a world renowned chef to complete the judging line-up.

The two men have served as judges and presenters on the BBC series since it under went a revamp and relaunched back in 2005, as well as judging the celebrity version of the culinary show.

Analysing the contestants’ every move, Gregg and John often entertain viewers with their surprising and sometimes emotional responses to the dishes they’re presented with.

However, Gregg has revealed the one thing it would take for the duo to drop the reigns and hand over the baton to a new set of judges.

“Tell the bloke at ITV if he wants to double our money – we’re gone. Sorry MasterChef, sorry BBC,” Gregg told The Mirror.

The presenter also revealed whether the pair had ever been approached by a rival network before, adding: “No, otherwise we’d have already gone!”

As the show begins it’s fifteenth run, Gregg and John also spoke about the future of the series, with the latter stating he would be happy to continue for years to come.

However, it seems he may have to find another partner as Gregg had another take on the future of the popular BBC series.

John commented: “Depends whether I’ve paid off my mortgage and put enough pension pot away.”

Even though they have presented together for both versions of the series for 14 years, Gregg also recently admitted the pair have never agreed about one of the celebrity winners.

In 2006, England Rugby player Matt Dawson, 46, was crowned winner over comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli, 50.

“We were choosing between Hardeep Singh Kohli and Matt Dawson in the final, and we still disagree now,” Gregg told Radio Times.

The presenter revealed how he still broaches the subject now, adding: “Every now and again I bring it up when I’m feeling irritable.”

However, the disagreement doesn’t seem to impact their future decisions as the hosts have always seemed elated crowning both amateur and celebrity winners of the show since.

In the meantime, the budding hopefuls for this year’s series will be hoping to follow in the success of champion Kenny Tutt, 36.

Tonight’s show will be the first of three episodes to air this week, as seven new contestants will face the first heat of the series.

Later on in the week, a different seven contestants will compete in the challenge before the remaining chefs from each episode face off in the first quarter final on Friday.

As well as facing the critique from past winners and contestants of the BBC series, the contestants will be pitted against one another in professional kitchens.

They will also endure the dreaded Critic’s Test later on in the series, where the contestants will have to create a dish based on a brief by world renowned food critics.

With weeks of competition ahead of them, who will be crowned MasterChef champion 2019?

MasterChef starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One