Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world and is regularly updated by the American tech giant.

That means the software consistently receives new features and improvements that make it more intuitive overall.

Since the release of dark modes on both Windows 10 and macOS, some fans have been eager for Chrome to conform to the aesthetic.

A dark theme for Google Chrome has been rumoured for some time.

Bug reports on the Chromium blog have made it clear Google spent much time figuring out how to differentiate the design decision from its Incognito mode.

However, it appears the American tech giant has overcome such problems as a dark mode has now appeared in Google Chrome version 74 running in Canary.

Chrome Canary is separate version of the client that is used to test forthcoming features.

9to5Google has noted the software now conforms to dark themes that are applied on both Windows 10 and macOS Mojave operating systems.

Moreover, the outlet also showed a GIF of the client switching between its light and dark modes to demonstrate the difference between the two.

It is worth noting the publication insisted it was unable to find any way to change the design of Chrome other than by switching between light and dark themes on either Windows 10 or macOS Mojave itself.

Moreover, it was noted some computers running the newest version of Chrome in Canary did not display the new visual style at all.

Google Chrome dark mode was said to alter the colour of every part of the browser including its downloads page, settings and omnibox.

According to TechDows, Google Chrome version 74 will release for all fans on April 23.

Before Chrome version 74 debuts, Google will deliver version 73 to all users on March 12.

It is expected when dark mode does arrive for the browser there will be options to enable and disable it within Chrome itself.



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