At first, the Twitter user tweeted television presenter Suzi Perry, writing: “Remember last year when you said ‘I’ll give you a twitter follow if Olivia Coleman wins another BAFTA’?”(sic) Suzi simply responded: “Negative.” The Twitter user then replied: “I’m sure it was you. Either you or @carolvorders.” Carol Vorderman responded to the Twitter user also denying she had made such a promise.

In view of her 390,000 followers, she replied: “Double negative.”

The Twitter user cheekily responded: “Now any good mathematician knows that two negatives make a positive.”

Carol’s tweet comes after she made a reference to Christmas following the recent snow in the UK.

Alongside a picture of her snow-fuelled views, she wrote: “Watching the snow fall outside…is it Christmas? Have I missed something?”

Many of her fans flocked to her page to comment.

One user wrote: “It’s that Night Nurse you’ve been taking Carol, it don’t half make you sleep.”

Carol replied: “Only took it once…omg I must be growing up!”

A second added: “Carol hun, it’s called winter.” (sic)

A third penned: “Since when does it ever snow at Christmas anyway!”

Last week, Carol ensured she was unfazed by the freezing temperatures as she took a dive into water off a pier.

Dressed in a bodysuit, the television presenter gave viewers a glimpse of her pert derrière ahead of her big splash.

She shared a further three snaps of her in mid-action jumping into the water with her arms in the air before landing

Carol posted the snaps with the caption: “Today’s little dare…and guess what …..It was b***dy frrrrreezing.”

A user responded: “As cold as the #icebucketchallenge?”

She replied: “Ooh….don’t remind me.”

Another Twitter fan wrote: “How old are you Vorders… your a good sport.. I know that no matter what xx.”

Carol jokingly responded: “I’m 96.”



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