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I knew I would like you. You’ll do perfectly for the ceremony. I am perfect. What this is matrimonial ceremony? I built a space temple right in the center of our universe. We’ll hold a wedding between me and the man of bat. Hold up a quick sec. Did you say wedding? You agreed to half of everything. No. No, no, no. No to the no no. That’s Will Arnett in “The Lego movie 2: The second part.” Michael interviewed him on “Good morning America” the other day, and many of you may not know this, but we share our studio here with “Gma,” and “Gma” gets some serious a-list celebrities. Oh, yeah. Many of who can’t stick around until lunchtime when we taupe our show. Even though I ask them, it’s kind of weird, but we found a workaround. When the guests leave “Gma,” we nab them in our segment called “Ambush interviews” and that’s exactly what we did with Will Arnett. Take a look. This segment. That was fun. Yeah. That was lot of fun. Glad you came by. This is to the street right here. Thanks, man. Appreciate it. ??? Ambush interviews ??? ??? they say it’s the street, but it’s really an interview ??? ??? ambush interviews ??? This is a different show by the way. This is called “Strahan and Sara.” I’m a little bit nervous to be honest, but — You know what? I heard you used to be a toilet paper salesman. I want you to sell it to me. It’s been a long time. Sell me thatoilet paper, will. Sell it to me. Do you have plans to go to a chili cookoff? For an entire weekend we got you covered. Sold. I may need another roll. How about that? Hey, guys. Hi. I was on my way to the street and I saw that you guys were too. Welcome to the show. Where is this voice coming from? Do you like it? He’s a voice guy. I wanted to impress him. Very impressive. Very impressive. I have talked to him about his Lego voice. I feel like it rips up your voice a little. It’s hard on the voice, yeah. Your voice had to drop at some point. It did, but when I do this, I got to go to an even deeper gear and if I — and if I do other stuff, if I sing, like, in the Lego movies and I sing a bunch and I rap obviously, then it gets really hard. How old were you when the voice dropped?were you, like, Peter Brady? Hello, Mrs. — I was probably, like, 14 into 15 when it really started to go. I have a little game I wanted to play with you. Yep. Let’s pretend I’m a teacher. Okay. And you are asking — Yeah. You have got to go to the bathroom and your voice dropped. Voice drops. Voice drops. Okay. Hey. I really need to use the bathroom. So creepy. Is that okay? Look at how cute your little face is. I wanted you to know, that’s how you look when you ask your teacher to go to the bathroom. Wow. Wow. This is great. How old do you think you are in that picture? I think — I think about — I’m about a 5-year-old. I’m going to say prepubescent. That was a weird voice. That was a weird mix. Your voice is too good to not use you for some stuff. Can you do voiceover work? Sure. Unpaid. This is for our show. Got it. Okay. I’m going to throw in a little extra. Throw in whatever you need. Tonight, on a very special “Strahan and Sara,” Sara has a problem and Strahan can find a solution. It’s one that you will want to watch with the whole family. I’m into that. A little creepy, but liked it. Want to see — on an all new “Strahan and Sara,” there’s been a murder and Hailey is sniffing around for clues, but the question is, who shot Strahan? I got shot? You died. I don’t know what’s going on on this show. It’s kind of crazy. I don’t know what’s going on with the show either. And you’re ready? Now just for a lighter note, appointment in television just got more appointmenter. “Strahan and Sara” are the appointment I’m referencing. It’s a show on television. Yes. Yeah. You have range, man. You took a line that had nothing and you gave it that thing. I used to do a lot of promos for CBS years ago or whatever. I would go, like, tonight, on “Touched by an angel” you can’t believe, and I would go right into, on an all new “Raymond.” When you are reprisin role, and you have done this three times — Yeah. There have been some greats that came before you. You may have heard of them. I’ll refresh you. Where do you think you line up in this group? Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer? Christian bale was a good one. Ning — I think in terms of this list, I think I’m, like, over here. I’m kind of, like, thes a Rick Batman because I’m kind of the fun Batman, you know what I mean? Michael Keaton was the first cinematic Batman. He was the guy for me. I like those other dudes a lot. I feel like you passed a couple of them. We don’t havall out names. It’s not for me to say, but let’s hear it. I will say this though. Your voice is authentic and sounds authentic. Sometimes I have to go back and be, like, what did Batman just say? You’re forcing it too much. Yours is natural. That’s true. That’s a good point. Maybe I am on that list. I’m telling you. I’m just going to say — Can I get a pen please? Can I get a pen please? Let’s just do this now. I think it’s very tough to touch Michael Keaton and maybe Christian bale, but I’ll put you at a solid third. Really? I’m putting you right here. That’s just for the size of your Lego character. You’re huge. Will Arnett, number one in my book. The voice is real. Didn’t you write — didn’t you write a script for him? For Batman? I want to be in — This is the script, right? I’m going to bring this up because these our characters. Where am I? I don’t know. It’s, like, I got cut before I auditioned. I think we wrote you out the movie. Oh my gosh. Sara, you know what? You know what you are? You’re, like, the voice in our head. Okay, cool. I hear voices in my head. Michael, I may be Batman, but I can’t save Gotham without your help because you are so much bigger, stronger and more legendary than I am. Tell me something I don’t know, Batman. Who needs Batman when Michael Strahan’s in Gotham? Please. Please tell me you heard that. I didn’t write this script. I swear. Oh, man. He just cemented himself. And I don’t know why I was even trying to do a voice like yours. It wasn’t good. I love it. You have got to go in a completely different direction when you are with will. That is true, man. Pick your own lane, dude. Thank you so much, brother. Thank you. Ppreciate you. My pleasure. Great to see you. You crack me up. Don’t forget to go out and see “The Lego movie 2:the second part.” You can catch more of will in that movie. I love it. Bignk you to Will Arnett for being such a good sport.

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