Star Wars 9: Mark Hamill has answered ELEVEN biggest Episode IX questions – What a legend

The living legend didn’t just give a typically blunt response that hit the nail on its proverbial head. He actually perfectly summed up the biggest issues consuming the Star Wars fandom. Some are easily predicted, but there was one surprise in there that even Express Online’s indefatigable Star Wars machine hadn’t identified. With ten months still to go until the film hits cinemas and fears there will be no trailer before Star Wars Celebrations in April, Hamill just gave fans exactly what they need. 

While endless leaks, rumours and reports continue to spill from the various Episode 9 sets around the world, nothing at all has been revealed by Disney and Lucasfilm.

Hamill just identified the following crucial questions: “What’s the title? When’s the trailer? Are you Rey’s father? Are you dead? A Force Ghost? Or did you project off Ahch-To? Will you haunt Kylo? Visit Leia/Lando? Flashbacks? 3rd Lesson? Is Chewie vegan now?”

In one simple tweet, the great man boiled everything down to the essentials, proving yet again that the student has become the master. Actually, he made them into nine questions, which also suits his legendary answer, but we separated out three for clarity.

There could only ever be one answer, of course.

With his usual wit, Hamill has a one size fits all response: “My all-purpose response-#NeinNineAnswers #NOLeaks Gif #7: #MouthWideShut.”

Well, did anyone seriously think he would answer?

That won’t stop everyone speculating, guessing, leaking and rumour-mongering, but everyone should be clear that asking Hamill himself is a futile pursuit. Anyone lucky enough to encounter the Star Wars icon should not squander those valuable moments wasting their and his time.

Meanwhile, we have been given a new question to ponder, with one in there we didn’t expect…

It is easy to forget that the biggest Star wars character also has the biggest heart – under all that fur. Poor old Chewie was given a crisis on conscience on Ahch-To as he roasted his porg supper on a skewer.

Star Wars has already been accused of attempting to force modern Earth social issues into a galaxy far, far away and pandering to so-called Social Justice Warriors. Will it also introduce a vegan agenda to really rile its alt-right critics?

Let the backlash begin…