Gemma Collins Instagram: Dancing On Ice 2019 star hints at further drama on ITV show

Gemma Collins took to Instagram this morning to reveal how training was going ahead of her next performance on Dancing On Ice 2019 on Sunday. The TOWIE regular said The GC has “got to come back”, which appeared to concern her trainer Robert Burgerman. The 38-year-old asked his opinion on her antics as she exclaimed she had been a “good girl” this week, during a session at the rink with partner Matt Evers. She filmed her conversations as she skated around the ice, singing along to Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl after revealing the gift her co-star had given her.

“I look exhausted,” Gemma started. “I know what you’re all thinking. They’re every excited these two today,” referencing Matt, 42, and Rob.

The reality star continued: “I’ve been a very good girl all week – it’s boring when I’m good. I’ve done extra training, I’ve done three hours a day.”

Addressing the coach, she questioned: “Do you think it’s boring when I’m good Rob, or do you like it? Does it make your life easier?”

He replied: “I love Gemma – it makes my life so much easier. I haven’t seen the GC for a few weeks.”

However, she then tellingly teased: “She’s got to come back,” while he just shook his head.

It comes after weeks of drama for Gemma, which started with her spat with judge Jason Gardiner.

As he gave his critique of her routine in an early instalment, she repeatedly told him live on the show: “Maybe if you didn’t sell stories on me, I wouldn’t have been so upset this week.

“So take that! Boring, boring! Don’t sell stories on me.”

He had previously branded her “lazy” and “mediocre” in an interview with The Sun about the programme.

Gemma was later seen falling on the ice, leaving her very bruised, which she said had knocked her confidence the following week.

Meanwhile, yesterday Matt presented Gemma with a vibrating foot massager, which she showcased on the picture sharing app.

“My feet are killing me…” she said. “That is how much are feet hurt – ice-skating. It’s no understatement.

“They kill, they cramp, they bring you to tears, they make you fall to your knees, they make you cry in pain in your sleep.”

Matt appeared to be enjoying the purchase in the clip, as they tried it out on the floor.

Meanwhile, Gemma is the second favourite to be eliminated this weekend with odds of 4/1, just after Ryan Sidebottom (1/2).

Dancing On Ice continues Sunday at 6pm on ITV.