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Bondi Hang It on Flexible Bendable Holder

Bondi is a really handy little holder. Nicely shaped with a hook for a head and about the size of your hand, it has two arms with hands and two jutting legs with upturned feet. Bondi has only one purpose – to hold things perfectly.

Bondi conveniently hangs on a piece of equipment while you use your cell phone to time yourself! Have curtains in your dining room or your bathroom – simply twist them around Bondi to brighten the room. Want to read your book while drinking your morning coffee in the kitchen? Stand it up and hold the pages back with Bondi.

Definitely, this is the cutest and coolest gadget you have ever seen that can securely grasp anything while you are busy. Better still – get two or three – one for home, one for the office and another for the kids!


9 inches x 3.5 inches x 1.5 inches,The Handles on the BONDI PLUS is with 2 inches higher than the original Bondi

Product Features and Technical Details:

Bondi is a unique flexible cell phone holder made of high quality malleable silicon designed for multiple uses.

Many people carry their smart phones everywhere they go to prevent people from holding the phone in dangerous places like back pockets or slippery edges. The Bondi resembles a stickman with a head shaped like a hanger.GREAT STICKMAN DESIGN: The BONDI PLUS is the latest version specifically designed for the NEWER larger smartphones like the IPHONE 6 Plus, NOTE, GALAXY & more! With the Handles at 3 Inches Wide and 6 From bottom to Handles
HANDS FREE CELLPHONE HOLDER: Turn your cellphone in to your GPS by hanging it in your car while you drive.
MULTIPLE FUNCTIONAL: Our PATENTED BONDI hang it on cell phone holder gives you hundreds of uses to turn your mobile phone into a hands free device. Could be used as holding MEMOS, PICTURES, and Letter Size Paper. BOOK USE: use it to Book mount your book for easy reading and could also be used for book mark.
THE WORLDWIDE HIT FLEXIBLE DESIGN: The BONDI PLUS Flexible cellphone holder is a great designed and sturdy product;
Hang it on your screen, or stage it on your desktop for multiple uses. Hang it anywhere to listen to your music.


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