Warframe on Switch UPDATE: Fortuna Nintendo Switch release date REVEALED

Warfare is the popular free-to-play third-person shooter initially released on the PS4 and Xbox One. The co-op finds players completing missions as a race of ancient warriors in a state of total war among the planets. And today sees the release of the latest Warframe Venus-themed Fortuna expansion on the Nintendo Switch.

The Fortuna expansion introduces a sprawling brand-new open-world area, described as a “neon slum beneath the snow.”

Warframe: Fortuna, invites gamers to explore the alien landscape of Venus populated by enemy threats, deep-lying mysteries and an entire ecosystem on the eve of destruction.

Venus’ surface, is described as ”an exotic terrain blanketed with Orokin structures, towering mushroom forests, oceanic flora, and endangered native creatures”.

Fortuna is the base for a new Solaris United division and is where gamers receive missions and earn rewards before returning to the surface for the business end of the game.

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Venus’ environment offers ample opportunity to experiment with the various enhancements introduced as part of the Fortuna expansion including

Highlights of what is offer include hoverboarding, arachnid enemies called Raknoids, wildlife conservation missions and rebooted classics, such as fishing.

And Warframe: Fortuna even comes replete with a flamboyant musical number.

However, the Nintendo Switch upgrade will not include the Warframe Profit-Taker expansion although this popular feature is widely expected to arrive on the Nintendo Switch soon.

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Warframe: Fortuna developer Digital Extremes said in a press release: “With the new K-Drive Hoverboard, players can blast across the wide open Venusian landscape to pull off grabs, spins, rails and explore the massive, stunning Landscape.”

“There is so much to do! Follow the path of the bloody, powerful Garuda Warframe — who offers a deadly combination of health-based Abilities to wreak havoc on any enemy.

Or conserve strange, wonderful animals of the Vallis from going extinct, gather resources via mining and fishing, and more. Come visit us on Venus!”

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Warframe: Fortuna key features:

Expect to design and build weapons of destruction to handle any threat.

Like most things in Fortuna, the Solaris build their own MOA Companions using stolen Corpus tech.

Work with The Business to track these endangered species down, tranquilise them and extract them to safety, away from the Taxmen’s reach.

Fortuna delivers enhanced ways to mine and fish, and advanced tools for doing so can be dismantled for scrap or even traded-in.

source: express.co.uk