Virgin Media broadband boost – Why your internet speeds could soon be infinitely faster

Virgin Media is testing a new broadband technology that is so fast it could allow customers to download a full HD movie in under five seconds.

The new trial, which is taking place in homes in Cambridgeshire, offers speeds of over 8Gbps – that’s around 200 times faster than the current UK average.

The hyperfast connection uses Virgin Media’s existing fibre network meaning the firm doesn’t need to install new infrastructure into homes to get these blistering speeds.

Virgin says the trial, made possible through continued network investment and collaboration with Liberty Global, is delivered using an existing fibre-to-the-premises connection meaning that no dedicated line is required.

The six-month test will mean around 50 homes in Papworth, Cambridgeshire, will benefit from the UK’s fastest home broadband speeds.

Speaking about the trial Richard Sinclair, Executive Director of Connectivity at Virgin Media, said: “As the UK’s fastest widely available broadband provider, we’re committed to making Britain faster and this trial pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

“Whether it’s streaming UHD movies on Netflix, playing the latest games online or video conferencing, faster internet connections have changed our lives immeasurably over the past decade. As speed leaders, Virgin Media is not going to stand still; this trial is about looking ahead to the next decade and beyond.

“With the volume of our customers’ internet usage almost doubling every year, trials like this will ensure we have the capability to meet the demand of data-hungry services in the future – be that over cable or full fibre.”

Virgin isn’t saying when this technology will be rolled out to more customers but the firm says it is investing heavily in its network to make it faster and more reliable.

With homes getting more connected, faster broadband will continue to be something homes across the UK will be in desperate need of.

In fact, it’s thought that within the next few years most homes will have over 20 internet-connect devices with smart speakers, TVs, cameras and appliances all booming in popularity.

If Virgin can bring 8Gbps speeds to homes in the future it will mean a huge boost in download times.

For examplea high definition film would be available in just five seconds, compared to more than 15 minutes on the UK’s average connection.

And PlayStation 4 or Xbox games, such as Red Dead Redemption 2 would be ready to play on consoles in just two minutes, compared to more than 5 hours on the UK’s average connection.

Applied futurist, Tom Cheesewright, who has reviewed the trial said: “Each new leap in internet speeds has spurred a new round of innovation in digital services.

“Today we are just starting to glimpse the immersive communication and entertainment opportunities that speeds like this will enable, bringing the physical and digital worlds together into a rich, interactive environment.”