Gmail is Google’s email service that is used across the globe for personal and work purposes.

The client is available on desktops, Android phones and iOS devices.

Gmail received a substantial overhaul last year that not only introduced a new design, but a swathe of new features too.

The update added a number of features that were previously available in Google’s other email client, Inbox.

These included the ability to snooze emails and manage task lists.

However, Last September the American tech giant announced it was shutting down Inbox.

The software is expected to be discontinued next month.

However, it appears before support for Inbox ceases, more of its features are coming to Gmail.

Such a move could be part of an initiative from Google to help existing Inbox users migrate to Gmail.

A screenshot has appeared on Reddit of Gmail with Inbox tools such as bundling and the ability to pin items in the user’s feed.

Bundling is an Inbox feature that allows certain topics to be grouped together.

The photo in question showed “tech news” in one particular stack for instance.

Additionally, items that are pinned are able to be viewed in a standalone fashion and appears to be another way for users to sort through important threads in addition to the star feature that already exists on Gmail.

Moreover, it also seems as though Google’s is working on a new function for Gmail that could allow users to make use of reminders within the software.

Finally, a new button was shown that marks all emails as read.

The Redditor in question insisted the photo was of an internal version of Gmail and said the new features in question could be discussed at Google I/O later this year.

They said: “There’s still plenty of work to be done before all of Inbox’s features get transferred over to Gmail.

“Got this leaked photo from a friend. I’m guessing Google is going to showcase the new Gmail with new features such as reminders, pins, and bundles at I/O 2019.”

It is worth noting Google has already declared Inbox’s bundling feature would come to Gmail.

However, the firm has not previously discussed a release date for such a function.

Although the screenshot seemingly provides a tantalising glimpse at a new version of Gmail, Google has not commented on the leak’s accuracy.



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