Carol Vorderman: Countdown icon gets sports star's attention after flaunting pert bottom

Carol Vorderman has arranged to attend a master class session in Kent with double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes, 48. The 58-year-old presenter received an invitation from the former GB runner after she shared pictures of herself jumping off a pier and into water on Twitter. In one snap, the mother-of-two is seen throwing her arms in the air, before she is submerged in water. Alongside the photos, she told he 390,000 followers: “Today’s little dare… and guess what… it was b* freezing.”

Commenting on the extraordinary image, Kelly said: “Yikes” before the two women began making plans to see one another.

In response to Kelly’s post, Carol penned: “Well if @damekellyholmes says homes then I’m SUPER proud!”(sic).

Adding to her message, which she shared on February 4, she continued: “Today has been mainly rebounding and skipping and walking and yoga and beach volleyball!”

The mathematician’s lengthy list of activities impressed Kelly, who replied: “Well done Carol. Rebound. I LOVE THAT too.”

After, the former distance runner asked the former Countdown star if she would like to attend one of her events.

“I am going to have a master class session in Kent, Carol, maybe you could come down?” she proposed.

To which, Carol responded: “Whatever you want. You know how much of a fan of yours I am.”

But Kelly was not the only celebrity who saw Carol’s photographs online, as Good Morning Britain’s Laura Tobin, 37, also discussed them.

The weather forecaster branded the radio host “crazy” after she appeared to take on the water challenge in a wetsuit.

Carol later cleared up the misunderstanding and shared with her fans: “Morning lovelies, I’m at a sports place so up in time for yoga, a long walk and a weights session before breakfast.

“BTW that wasn’t a wetsuit yesterday… just a tee shirt and leggings and icy water.” (sic)

Good Morning Britain’s weather presenter Laura Tobin, replied to the math whizz’s admission, stating: “WHAT! You crazy cat!”

Responding, Carol replied: “I’ll tell you about it Laura when I get back…here with (nutter) Jason @juicemaster.”

Also, the brunette stunner seemed to spill her beauty secrets, as she revealed she is currently at a sports retreat in Portugal with Jason Vale.

Jason, who is also known as The Juice Master, is a lifestyle coach who aims to help people reach their health goals through fitness and nutrition tips.

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