Abducted in Plain Sight: Paedophile's CHILLING recording DAYS before abduction REVEALED

Netflix released the controversial true-crime documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight” in May last year in the US, but it only dropped in the UK last month. It tells the life story of Jan Broberg, who was abducted twice and sexually abused by family friend Robert Berchtold in the 1970s. The series revealed a shocking audio clip, recorded by Berchtold, just days before he abducted the 12-year-old, who he nicknamed Dolly.

He says in the recording: “A splattering of clouds were set on fire by the rays of the setting sun. 

“I looked at my Dolly, her face was aglow.

“She reached out and took my hand and then said ‘I love you’.

“I returned: ‘I love you too, beautiful.’

“I turned to her, put my arms around her and pulled her close to me and said: ‘Dolly, you’ve brought a special light into my life’.

“She looked up at me, I bent over, and we kissed, no man could love any woman more.”

Berchtold manipulated both of Jan’s parents into giving him access to their young daughter – claiming he would take her horse riding. 

However, he actually drugged her and drove the two of them Mexico, where he sexually abused the youngster.

Jan revealed in a recent interview with Dr Phil: “He handed me my allergy pill because I was going to be around horses. 

“After I took the pill, I woke up in the back of a moving motor home and my arms and my legs were strapped to the back of the bed.

“I was drugged. I was in and out of very, very deep sleep. For the next five weeks I was missing. This is when the sexual abuse began.”

Berchtold had Jan believing she was an alien, and that she needed to conceive a child with him by her 16th birthday to save the residents of her home planet.

Mexican police later found Berchtold and Jan, she was taken home and he was jailed for a short amount of time.

Jan’s parents never pressed any sexual abuse charges against Berchtold as their daughter said that nothing had happened to her.

However, he abducted Jan again in 1976 and secretly enrolled her in a Catholic girls’ school in California for more than 100 days.

Once Jan was found and returned home, Berchtold was arrested and put on trial for kidnapping.

He was then sentenced to 45 days in jail – of which he served 10 – before being released. 

However, he was given a lifetime restraining order against the Broberg family.

He later died in 2005.

source: express.co.uk