WATCH: Pre-game parties in Atlanta ahead of Super Bowl LIII

Transcript for Pre-game parties in Atlanta ahead of Super Bowl LIII

Oh, we are wall talking about it. Sure, there is a big game this weekend but let’s not forget about the parties. A lot of celebs in Atlanta and T.J. Holmes is back with more on that. T.J., good morning once again. Reporter: Hey, good morning to you all. We’re told by Atlanta city officials that a million people, they’re expecting a million people to visit Atlanta during super bowl week. Well, the stadium only holds 71,000. So what are the rest of the folks who are not going to the game, what do they come here to do? Well, maybe just hoping to party with cardi. You don’t have to wait until the game is over to celebrate. It is a super bowl week tradition to party, and you can do just that at planet Pepsi with two of the company’s newest faces, cardi B and lil Jon. ??? Okay ??? ?????? Reporter: Both were in the building. Meanwhile, Travis Scott gave the crowd a taste of what they can expect from his highly anticipated halftime show performance. But our kid correspondent camdyn Clancy — Hey, guys, I’m camdyn at the college hall of fame. Reporter: — Gained vip access to a different party. Come on. Let’s go. Reporter: Meeting up with los Angeles chargers tight end Antonio Gates who’s been in the league for nearly two decades. Hey, camdyn, how are you doing, buddy? You ready to go check this place out? Yes. Reporter: The two were able to explore exhibits. I grew up watching Jerry rice. Let’s go. Let’s have a dance-off. Reporter: And even practiced their touchdown celebrations. Thank you, Antonio, for hanging out with me today. Thank you. You’re welcome. Good job, buddy. Thank you. So we have a big day of partying today. We’ve got this fanatics party in which meek mill and, yes, cardi B, it will be one of her six performances she’s doing during the weekend happening today. A “Sports illustrated” party with snoop. Later on DirecTV with the foo fighters. It’s exhausting, guys. Better get a nap in, T.J. How are you going to get to all those parties? I can’t understand why you’re complaining. Didn’t you ask for this assignment? Actually I did not ask for this assignment. I’m happy to have it but, no, it’s a lot — it really is. It’s a tradition really with the super bowl. People think everybody comes to town, you’re going to the game. Some people intentionally come and spend more money on tickets to these events and are not even looking for a ticket to the game. Already get ready for my red eyes tomorrow morning. And Monday morning as well. They’ll be even redder. Well, you do a great job, T.J. You’re there. We’re happy you’re there.

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