Saturday Kitchen: ‘Where’s the cooking’ Fans slam Matt Tebbutt two 'boring' salad segments

Today’s Saturday Kitchen was hosted by Matt Tebbutt and joining him the studio was explorer and traveller Ed Stafford. 

During the show, viewers tuned in to see a segment hosted by Rick Stein, who was exploring the history behind the chopped salad. 

After a short VT he was back in his kitchen revealing a recipe he had made on how to make such a dish. 

Following endless chopping of various ingredients the salad was complete, and whilst he tucked in, the show returned to the live studio. 

It was then Matt’s turn to create a dish and he explained to viewers: “Thanks for that Rick, an excellent version of a chopped salad there. And I’ve got another twist on a classic salad for you now. 

“This is more of a cobb salad. If you look at the history, this kind of pre dates the chopped salad. So much the same, very simple ingredients. We do a lot of complicated cooking on Saturday Kitchen sometimes, this isn’t one of those dishes just so you know. 

“Very simple salad you can throw together, but to me it’s delicious, it’s all about the dressing. I’ve got a delicious kind of rich roquefort buttermilk dressing with a little bit of cumin in there and some other bits and pieces we’ll talk about as we go on!” Matt continued. 

“And I also thought, what better way to celebrate having one of the great British explorers on the show than, what do I give him? 

“He’s been all around the world, he’s given up his Saturday morning to come and talk to us, what do we make him? Let’s make him a salad!” He joked. 

However, fans of the show were not impressed by the producer and chef’s choice to have two segments about making salad back to back. 

Taking to Twitter to discuss their views, one said: “So #SaturdayKitchen are showing us how to put some salad on a plate. Thanks for that Matt.” 

“Where’s the cooking?? #SaturdayKitchen,” another questioned, whilst a third added: “A f*****g salad? #SaturdayKitchen.

“Absolute quality on @SaturdayKitchen we’re being show how to make a salad. The difference being that it’s chopped with a knife, wow, thanks, I’m enlightened!” Someone sarcastically wrote. 

One viewer remarked: “Love a cob salad but really, a whole session on how to chop salad? #SaturdayKitchen.” 

“Scraping the bottom of the barrel today. Never heard of the ‘celeb’ and #MattTebbutt making a b****y salad #SaturdayKitchen,” a fan explained. 

It comes after last week’s show when several viewers were “bored to tears” by the BBC cooking show. 

Many were left feeling frustrated with the programme as they found the guests and cookery segments lacking and fun or inspiration. 

The show, which is made up of various pre-recorded cooking segments which are presented by different celebrity chefs as well as live demonstrations in the studio, forced some to switch off. 

“Giving up watching #SaturdayKitchen boring,” one explained. 

“#SaturdayKithen is looking like a bike going down a hill with no brakes today,” another added. 

A third complained: “When the best bit of your show is the clips from other shows, its time to call it a day #saturdaykitchen.”

Saturday Kitchen airs every Saturday at 10am on BBC One.