Rachel Riley: Countdown star in uproar over conspiracy theory ‘Makes me so annoyed’

Rachel Riley, 33, who has appeared on Countdown since 2009, admitted the “worst conspiracy” she has heard is the flat Earth theory which seemingly appeared to get under her skin. The mathematician was probed by host Nick Hewer on a recent episode of the Channel 4 show, when he asked: “I know that you are a very, very practical, sensible, logical person. Do you have any conspiracy theories at all?” The former Strictly Come Dancing star, spilled she had heard “many conspiracy theories”, to which the presenter added: “Go on. Give me your favourite.” Rachel replied: “It’s not my favourite Nick. It’s the one that makes me most annoyed. Because I’ve met people who believe this stuff and it’s so hard to try and counter it.

“The worst one is that the world is flat. That’s back in fashion.”

She continued: “A lot of Americans – certain politicians over there, are feeding the conspiracy theory stuff. You don’t need facts anymore. And people are genuinely convinced that it’s some kind of conspiracy amongst governments.

“The world is shaped like a donut and the moon might not exist. And they’re all lying to us for some reason. I have no idea why. It’s a rabbit hole and none of it makes sense.”

Nick interjected: “Stick to science. It will see us through.”

The beauty quipped: “Stick to thinking for yourself.”

Rachel stunned on the show as she sported a silk floral number which showcased her trim physique, wearing her blonde tresses loosely.

Meanwhile, the blonde bombshell appeared on a recent episode of the spin-off show 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown where her math’s skills were put to the test after contestant Joe Wilkinson made a hilarious jibe.

Host Jimmy Carr asked Rachel: “There are a couple of ways to get to this. Did you spot it?”

The Channel 4 favourite needed to provide the calculations of how to get to the sum of 419, using just a few numbers on the board.

Rachel began: “50 times 6 equals 300 multiplied by 7 is 2100.”

To which comedian, Joe Wilkinson interjected: “Your way off.”

His cheeky swipe was met with a few chuckles throughout the studio, as Rachel continued to calculate the numbers.

Joe then said: “I’d stop there if I was you. You’re making a t*t of yourself.”

The Countdown star seemingly appeared to see the humorous side of the comedian’s cheeky swipe as she finished up on the board.

She finished: “Take away 5 gives you 2095 and then divide by another 5 gives you 419.”

Rachel rose to fame when she took over Countdown from Carol Vorderman and later joined the cast on 8 Out of 10 cats Does Countdown when it aired for the first time as a one-off special in 2012.

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown continues Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

source: express.co.uk