Manchester United chief Woodward opted to axe Mourinho in December, placing Solskjaer in charge until the end of the season.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been a huge hit at Old Trafford since taking the reins, steering them to eight wins from his first nine matches with Tuesday’s 2-2 draw with Burnley the only blotch on his copybook.

Woodward was a huge advocate of Mourinho when he made the 56-year-old the club’s replacement for Louis van Gaal in 2016.

It was recently claimed that, despite warnings from two European giants, Woodward ignored them because he believed Mourinho was capable of bringing back the glory days.

However, the Portuguese’s time at the club ultimately failed to live up to expectations.

Mourinho’s relationship with Woodward deteriorated prior to his sacking, with the 56-year-old disgruntled at his lack of signings.

So sour did the mood become, the United chief was left with no choice but to wield the axe.

And GQ Magazine say Solskjaer has a different relationship with Woodward than that of his predecessor.

It is said that he communicates ‘regularly’ with the Red Devils supremo.

And that is something neither Mourinho, Van Gaal or David Moyes ever did during their own time at Old Trafford.

GQ Magazine add that Solskjaer also talks frequently with Sir Alex Ferguson, who reports have suggested would love his former striker to land the job on a permament basis.

Solskjaer has admitted to confiding in Ferguson.

But the United boss also revaled he was reluctant to talk to his old boss too much – because of his age!

“Of course I text him [Ferguson] when I got the call and he gave me his blessing to put it that way,” Solskjaer recently said.

“He thought I was ready for it because, obviously, we have kept in touch over the years down at Cardiff, when I was in Molde.

“He’s been following my progress in Europe so it was just natural for me to make contact and then again he came down to visit us and had a chat with me and the staff, which was fantastic for us, because we know he knows everything about football.

“Now, he’s getting older so I can’t ring him every week, can I? I can’t bother him!

“Of course, I see him after the game in the lounge at Old Trafford.

“I always visit him there and it’s nice to see him, Cathy and his friends.”



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