So long, veganuary: Here’s how to consume consciously year round

Cutting out meat and dairy products is a great way to save the world from your dinner plate, but there are many more, says P. K. Newby

veganuary poster

Dinendra Haria / Alamy Stock Photo

IN JANUARY, people around the world gave up meat and dairy for “veganuary”, a month-long challenge taken to benefit health, the environment and animal welfare. Yet there are year-round ways to dine eco-consciously.

Eschewing animal-based foods is an evidence-based approach that has impacts across the life cycle of food production, including for those who work in it.

Plant-based foods use less land, water and fuel, and create less pollution. A 2018 study of the impacts of 40 foods from 40,000 farms across 119 countries found that eating less or …