Fortnite Showtime Poster challenge: Marshmello event map locations REVEALED

Fortnite’s Marshmello-themed Showtime event has gone live ahead of this weekend’s festivities.

The Fortnite Showtime event features a new set of challenges that must be completed to unlock Marshmello-themed items.

This includes a new spray, emote and Marshmello Harvesting Tool.

The event will seemingly culminate with a Marshello concert on February 2 at 7pm in the UK.

The first challenge tasks players with searching a Showtime poster.

According to recent leaks, players will also need to “keep it mello” at a trucker’s oasis, ice cream parlour and a frozen lake.

The final part of the challenge tasks players with visiting the Showtime venue, presumably for a concert.

Fortnite Showtime posters can be found all across the Battle Royale map, mainly plastered to buildings.

One can be found in Fatal Fields on the side of a barn. Just walk up to the poster to search it and complete the challenge.

Another poster can be found on the SoFDeez ice cream stop near Paradise Palms.

Remember to finish your game if you want to unlock the rewards – so no rage quitting.

Check out the map above for the exact location of a Showtime poster.

The Fortnite Marshmello Festivus challenges in full…

• Search a Showtime Poster

• Use Keep It Mello at a trucker’s oasis, ice cream parlour and a frozen lake

• Staged Challenge: Dance on top of..

 – Dance on a truck stop sign

 – Dance on top of the new Durrr Burger restaurant

 – Dance on a concert stage

• Visit the Showtime Venue