Anthony Davis could end up at Lakers BEFORE deadline due to this loophole

On Monday, Davis requested a trade from the Pelicans, and confirmed that he wanted to leave for a team where he will be able to consistently win.

The megastar has reportedly decided that his preferred destination will be Los Angeles, and has informed teams as such.

Whilst he doesn’t have a lot of choice as to where he is traded to, him telling potential teams that he wants to play for the Lakers could mean that fewer teams make trade offers.

Davis is a free agent next summer, and is expected to tell teams that he will not re-sign anywhere but the Lakers.

This would mean that wherever he was traded, he would only be there for a year and a half before becoming a free agent and signing with the Lakers.

Given how much would have to be offered by an organisation in order to get Davis, it is unlikely that any team will be willing to offer enough for a player who will only be there for a short period of time.

The common belief is that the Boston Celtics hold the best available offer to the Pelicans, but are unable to make any trade bids until the summer.

This means that it is unlikely that the Pelicans will accept any bids before the February 7 deadline.

However, despite not being able to make any trade proposals, the Celtics can still make it known to the Pelicans who they wish to offer up for Davis.

According to Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe, the Pelicans can receive an offer from another team, then go to the Celtics to ask what their proposal would be.

If the Celtics tell the Pelicans of their offer and it isn’t good enough, Davis could still be traded this January.

Davis is reportedly less keen on signing with the Celtics due to the uncertainty surrounding Kyrie Irving.

The Celtics star is rumoured to be considering his options, as he approaches a player option year in his contract.

If he chooses, he can become a free agent this summer, and there is speculation suggesting that he wants to head to the Lakers to reunite with LeBron James.

The Lakers are desperate for a new star to back up James, and Davis has been their number one target for some time now.


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