It’s my opinion that the stigma that used to be attached to online dating and matchmaking is all but gone. As social networking and connecting online is becoming so popular, many people are starting to embrace the idea that using online dating sites to meet new people saves a lot of time and hassles. If done correctly, this process can be a lot of fun and can yield the results that you’re looking for.

Probably the two sites that I’m most commonly asked about are and eHarmony. There’s no doubt that these sites are quite popular and widely used. People often ask me if one is better than the other. There are some definite differences between the two. I will discuss many of these differences in the hopes that this information will help you to decide which of these sites might work better for you.

Match Vs eHarmony In Terms Of The Number Of Users: If there is one place where has an advantage, it’s in their volume. It’s said that they have over 15 million users and there is no question that they have a very diverse subscriber group. Many people believe that if you are in a very rural area, you might have better luck with since it has such a larger pool from which to choose.

That’s not to say that eHarmony doesn’t have a lot of subscribers. They most certainly do. But they are a bit smaller if you are looking strictly at the numbers. Also, their criteria for finding matches is different and more specific. This sometimes means that you might have a smaller pool, but it can also mean that the people from which you are selecting are better suited to you than those you might find on other sites.

Differences In The Types Of Subscribers That You Are More Likely To Find On Each Site: Each of these sites have a wide variety of users. There’s no question about that. But, you often hear that attracts a younger clientele who is more interested in casual dating while eHarmony tends to attract a more mature clientele who is interested in serious relationships. These are stereotypes to be sure. You can most definitely find people seeking a commitment on match and you can also find casual daters on eHarmony.

But, generally speaking, the tools that each site uses is going to contribute to the type of user and subscriber that these products attract. What I mean by that is that eHarmony has a longer and more involved matching process. They ask you to fill out a personality profile. This takes at least 45 minutes. Before you meet your potential matches, you’re asked to take part in guided communications in the hopes that this will allow you to learn more about the person before you decide if you want to take the match any further. While it’s said that this process results in better dates, pairings, and matches, people who aren’t serious about this process aren’t as likely to sign up for it and have the patience to complete it.

Likewise, has less start up time and “work” involved. You can make the process as easy or involved as you want. This site does have personality and matching tools but they don’t make them a requirement. You’re free to check out, contact, connect with, and then date whoever you yourself chose. In this way, you’re doing a lot more of the ground work yourself. And some people do prefer this type of control, while others would really like for the site to do more of the work to ensure a good match before they put a lot of time and effort into the process.

Match can be a big morale booster because, since there’s so many people on there, you’re likely to get a lot of “winks” or correspondence from people who want to know more about you. Some people really enjoy this and others find it to be more of a “meat market” atmosphere that doesn’t always lead to anything more. Of course, some find eHarmony to be a slow process while others really embrace the slower and safer pace that they feel is more likely to result in something lasting.

Differences In The “Success Rates” Of These Matchmaking Sites: This variable can be a bit hard to determine because not everyone is going to define “success” in the same way here. For some, just meeting new people can be great. Others want to meet a wide variety of people and to experience new things. Others would consider finding someone that they really enjoy spending time with to be a success. For some though, the ultimate definition of being successful on a matchmaking site is finding a life partner or a match that results in marriage.

If you consider marriage your goal, then eHarmony definitely wins, or at least is considered to be the gold standard at this. The site says that it generates about 120 marriages or engagements each day. This makes sense as their tools really are geared toward helping you find the person that your personality profile indicates is a potentially perfect fit. However, if going on dates is your goal, then seems to generate more of these. The site says its subscribers go on over 6 million dates per year.

So, the answer to whether the “better” site is eHarmony or really does depend on what your goals are and how much time and effort you want to put into this process. My opinion on it is that is generally thought to be more well received by casual daters who want to make their own matches, while eHarmony generally appeals more to people who are looking for a committed, long term relationship (like marriage) and who do not mind putting a bit more effort into the process.

But, you can usually find free trial offers for both of these sites. There is nothing wrong with browsing around for yourself and seeing firsthand which feels like the better fit (and potentially the better choice) for you.


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