Carol Vorderman, 57, regularly keeps her fans updated with her whereabouts and it was no different after the former maths whizz posted a snap on twitter as she holidayed in Washington DC. The former Countdown star shared a picture showing her spoting a big fur hood while standing outside the Whitehouse on the United States. In view of her 389,000 Twitter followers she captioned the post: “Bitterly cold in DC today…minus 10 C. “I’ve never seen Washington so quiet, all water as ice, memorials stunning and reflective.”

The brunette bombshell flaunted her youthful appearance as she posted as selfie snap wrapped up in warm knitwear.

In one photo, the star wore minimal make up, showing off her brown eyes only.

She pulled her jumper to cover her mouth, to shield herself from the cold weather as she beamed to the camera.

In the second snap, the beauty added a pair of yellow tinted sunglasses to glam up her look.

The snaps certainly got the attention of her fans as she gained over 600 likes for the photos.

One person wrote: “Love the shades,” while another person wrote: “Looking nice and snug there Carol and still looking gorgeous.”

A third person quipped: “Even though you’re will snuggled (technical term) up in that second picture, your sparkly eyes gave it away that it was you.”

Meanwhile, the former Countdown star was enjoying some time out in America but admitted the weather in the UK was “balmy” compared to the cold in Washington.

Taking to Twitter she addressed BBC weather presenter, Carol Kirkwood and wrote: “It feels positively balmy back home compared to the minus 10 on Martin Luther King Day (Monday) in Washington.

“Even the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool was solid….it was so cold DC was empty of people!!!

“Ooh this weather malarkey can be tricky @carolkirkwood.”

The BBC weather presenter, Carol replied: “Wrap up warm xx.”

To which the former Countdown star replied: “See you soon missus xxx”.

Meanwhile, the star who previously won Rear of the Year award in 2011 and 2014 spoke about her wins and revealed she often gets asked by people if they can touch her pert bottom.

She told The Sun: “It happens a lot in America where they have no idea I am on the telly.

“I will be washing my hands and some woman will go ‘Oh my God, can I touch your booty?’”

“I cry laughing every time but I let them have a feel. I’m like ‘Help yourself, love.’”

She added: “I won Rear of the Year twice and I have a laugh with it.My awards are in a display cabinet at home in Bristol, next to my red leather This Is Your Life book.”



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