Pokemon Go Gen 4 update part of February Community Day event

Trainers now have an even bigger incentive to go out and enjoy the upcoming Pokemon Go Community Day.

Scheduled for February 16 – 17, the new Pokemon event will allow Trainers to catch shiny Swinubs and unlock an exclusive move.

But another massive bonus will also be part of the upcoming Community Day.

In a new post on Twitter, Niantic confirmed that Gen 4 Sinnoh Stones would be available to earn.

A total of five Sinnoh Stones will be collectable during the three-hour event for those players that take part in Trainer Battles.

The Niantic Support Twitter page has confirmed that Sinnoh Stones will be guaranteed during the first five battles you take part in.

“Trainers have the possibility of earning up to 5 Rewards (instead of the usual 3) from Trainer Battles, although the chances of getting a Sinnoh Stone are still random.

“On the day of the Event for your region, this Bonus will apply for the entire day!

“On February 16 and 17, Trainer Battle rewards will increase from 3 to 5 on both days.

“During your region’s Community Day, you will be guaranteed 5 Sinnoh Stones. See the in-app notification for the date and time of your region’s bonuses.”

The good news is that Team Leader encounters will be included in the Sinnoh Stone count, making it possible for Trainers to get the most out of the new Gen 4 bonus.

The reason for the new reward increase appears to be connected to the Community Day Pokemon.

To evolve Swinub into a Piloswine and then finally into a Mamoswine, a Sinnoh Stone will be required.


For those who might have missed the big update, Pokemon Go players can battle each other.

Trainer Battles allow you to challenge a friend or another Trainer at any time, with three different CP levels to choose from.

Players use Battle Codes to throw out the challenge and can only use three Pokemon in a match.

Niantic’s special evolution items will be offered after these battles have been completed, making it the best way to collect Sinnoh Stones.

Team Leaders can also be challenged to earn special items once a day, giving players a total of three chances.

As mentioned above, Sinnoh Stones are the only way to evolve certain Pokmon into their final Gen 4 form, making them very valuable.

source: express.co.uk