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Transcript for How to fight the flu with your phone

Welcome back. Flu season is in full swing and Paula Faris is here, fortunately, with some real smart new ways you can fight that flu with your phone. Yes, 6 million Americans have already been diagnosed with the flu this season, Michael. The first app that want to show you is called kinsa. It works with a smart thermometer. I will ask you to take your temperature. Walk on back to the desk. On the interface this will take Michael’s temperature and will also — we are going to put in his symptoms it’s 97.9. We will go to the — It’s a good radio station too. Do you have any other symptoms? We’ll say you have a cough. We say you have an earache and have fatigue. This is going to make a determination based upon your age, Michael, we need to call the doctor at the top right there. It says call the doctor. That’s what to do next but what I like about this, it also says if you scroll up home care for Michael. Natural remedies ait will allow to you try as well and then if you want to, you can cry medication there. It says optional try medication. S with’s great about this, but to the doctor and say, I don’t remember what my kid’s temperature was or the symptoms were, this keeps a digital log of everything in perpetuity. If you need a prescription, that is where good rx comes in. An app you’re probably familiar with, right? It’s been out there for awhile but even more important now because prescription drugs have gone up 9% in just the last ten years so let’s say we’re looking for Tamiflu right now. It will give you the best price in your area and what a lot of people don’t know pharmacies can charge what they want for these prescriptions so we’ll go, how much is it. We’ll look for the brand name in our particular area, find the lowest price, survey says, kmart is the lowest for $157.25. The highest is at Duane Reid. It’s pretty amazing they can charge what they want. The generic. A bargain. $50 for the generic at acme and the highest is $8. If you use this app alone you will save 120 bucks if you go with that low generic price. Both are free, both kinsa and good rx are free. That smart thermometer, you can keep it because you had it under your tongue. Go to our website for more information and for a map of ill “Notes on a scandal” your area and a reminder to consult your doctor if you’re feeling sick and to read the fine print when downloading any app. Michael, you need to go to the doctor. That’s why I’m not sitting here. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m going to the doctor. The doctor said I should go. He’s got an earache and fatigue. He’s gone. He’s going to use that. I wonder if my kids can set it to must stay home from school. They’ll try. But thank you, thank you.

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