The Greatest Showman: 'Critics did not get it!' Edith Bowman talks HUGE musical smash

Now Radio DJ and film fanatic Edith Bowman has spoken out on The Greatest Showman’s surprise success, as she supports its inclusion in Mega Movie Week this week.

Speaking with, she feels that the critics just didn’t get the popular movie.

Bowman said: “I saw it early because I was lucky enough to be doing a thing with Hugh Jackman, a life in pictures at BAFTA.

“It hadn’t been released yet and it was a real passion project for him. It was something he’d been working on for a long time. Y’know way before La La Land.”

She continued: “And I watched and was like, ‘Man this has really got me.’ If you go into it with no expectations and leave all your life inhibitions at the door, and allow yourself to go with the flow of it and enjoy it, then it can be a fantastic experience.

“I’m a film fan, not a film critic. I never profess to be. And so that’s sometimes something I love when critics get it wrong.

“They didn’t connect with the film; didn’t really get it. And then over time this audience built and built and built.

“The songs in particular; that album was in the charts forever. I love it when that happens for the film-loving public like myself kinda of go, ‘We’ll make up our own mind thanks very much.”

The Greatest Showman and other recent major releases like A Quiet Place, Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Paddington 2 are part of Mega Movie Week.

Bowman said: “January, in particular, is one of those months where we’re all skint, it’s getting colder, can’t be bothered to go out.

“And Mega Movie Movie has been curated by experts to celebrate a brilliant collection of films over a week.”

Mega Movie Week runs from Jan 21 – Jan 27, with hundreds of the latest and greatest digital films to buy and keep at amazing prices. Visit or your favourite digital retailers to find out more.