PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch treated to new game from Pokemon developers

It only happens every few years, but it looks like Game Freak are releasing one of their latest titles on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The Pokemon developer won’t be porting over any famous exclusives from a Nintendo device but will instead be launching Giga Wrecker on all platforms.

Originally made for PC, Giga Wrecker is a highly reviewed 2D action adventure game where you can manipulate debris and explore a world invaded by an army of evil robots.

It won’t be the first Game Freak title to launch on the Nintendo Switch, that would be Pokemon Quest and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu.

And it won’t be the first game from the famous studio to be launched on PS4 and Xbox One either.

But with just one other title available on the two consoles from Game Freak – Tembo the Badass Elephant was released in 2015 – it will certainly be worth a look.

Rising Star Games will be publishing the slightly upgraded version of the game on consoles, which will be named Giga Wrecker Alt.

According to a new press release, Giga Wrecker Alt will add 20 additional puzzle stages to its campaign, a new companion character to assist players with the game’s increasingly challenging puzzles, and an “Ironman” mode with 5 times the damage than the regular mode.

Alt will also overhaul the original localization to enhance the user experience, bringing with it 11 in-game languages, including Italian and Traditional Chinese.

“Giga Wrecker was brought to life through Game Freak’s internal “Gear Project” where its developers are encouraged to come up with intriguing ideas for games outside the company’s normal,” the official blurb explains.

“The game also features music by video game composer, Shinji Hosoe, known for Ridge Racer and Tekken, among many other titles.”

A firm release date hasn’t been announced by Rising Star Game yet; however, it looks like Giga Wrecker Alt will arrive on consoles in 2019.

This will include the game coming to all three consoles digitally, while Limited Run Games will distribute the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch physical versions.

There doesn’t appear to be any plans for a physical version to be launched on Microsoft’s Xbox One, at this time.

“We are excited to be working together with Rising Star Games and Thunderful to bring GIGA WRECKER Alt. to console gamers around the world,” said Game Director, Masayuki Onoue.

Giga Wrecker Alt will be the latest release from Game Freak, which will be followed by a very important exclusive for Nintendo Switch.

A new Pokemon RPG is being released on the handheld hybrid in 2019 which is bound to be a massive seller for the system.

It’s been described as a core entry in the series, meaning it will not follow in the footsteps of Let’s Go Pikachu.

What makes it even more special is it will be the first Pokemon RPG to launch on the Switch with all the traditional gameplay from the franchise, and will not be available on PS4 or Xbox One.