James Jordan, 40, is currently taking part in the new series of Dancing On Ice, and the former Strictly Come Dancing professional has had ITV viewers in awe of his trim figure. Before the series got underway, James was determined to get in shape and has lost an incredible two stone. The husband of fellow former Strictly star Ola Jordan, 36, shed the pounds through running and cutting down on the amount he ate. However, James also confessed the weight loss has had a detrimental effect on his sex life, as his wife prefers him “beefier”.

But how did James Jordan lose two stone?

In a recent interview, the reality star revealed he has had to work hard to get to the weight he’s currently at – 13 stone.

He told The Sun: “I was around 15 stone before I started training three months ago. I lost it by running three miles a day and watching what I eat.”

James also ditched the amount of takeaways and fast food he was binging on, admitting: “Indian takeaway is one of my favourites and I would often order a prawn dhansak with egg-fried rice and naan bread. I also ate a lot of fast food like KFC.”

But now the star has a much healthier diet, and his wife Ola has been very supportive.

“I am down to about 1,200 calories a day from 4,000 calories at my worst and Ola is now cooking me lots of healthy food like grilled chicken.”

The NHS recommends the average man needs around 2,500 calories a day to maintain a healthy body weight. It’s advised those looking to lose weight consult their GP before starting a new diet plan.

The skating hopeful is now feeling more flexible than ever, and can even tie his shoelaces again.

He added: “I do feel better in myself because the overhanging belly is gone and I have got some of my flexibility back so I can bend over and tie my shoelaces again.”

James sometimes shares videos of himself skating and working out on his Instagram profile, revealing in one recent post he’s lost precisely 12kg since the day he signed up to do the series.

However, the weight loss has apparently killed the spark with his wife in the bedroom.

The dancer said wife Ola in fact prefers him a little chunkier.

“I would love to tell you that we’ve been going at it like rabbits since I lost all the weight but the opposite is the truth,” James revealed.

“It’s nice that I can see it again and bound up the stairs, but our love life has taken a beating. Ola actually prefers me more thickset.”

He added that Ola even stocked up on all of his favourite treats in a bid to beef him back up.

James said he initially piled on the pounds after quitting Strictly and wanting to enjoy life.

As a result, he stopped exercising and dined out a lot with friends.

source: express.co.uk


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